EUREKA Stares Down the Mouth of the Abyss

Episode 508 “In Too Deep”

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

We have holoHolly now, able to move around the house, even though she can’t touch anything yet. That’s probably coming, along with a portable holo-emitter. I hear Voyager doesn’t need theirs anymore…

With holoHolly stuck at the Carter ranch, it’s starting to get quite crowded. Allison and the kids, Jo (is Jo still living there?), Andy, SARAH, holoHolly, and Fargo – who can’t get along without Holly so much that he spends every moment in her presence. Fargo forgoes daily cleansing rituals, too, it seems. Getting a little ripe for Allison’s tastes. In fact, Allison’s having a little bit of a freak-out moment because of all the chaos. She’s looking forward to some peace and quiet while she checks the medical bay in the new underwater mobile lab.

Speaking of chaos…

it’s Feynman’s Day, named for physicist Richard P. Feynman, who has inspired the Eurekans to have their own version of April Fool’s Day, complete with pranks and practical jokes – and not all of them were authorized through Jo’s office. This makes Jo very angry, especially when Zane’s trick keeps swapping her conservative business suit for the latest Catwoman pleather. Meow.

Zane figures he’s a “Punk’d” target himself when he gets promoted to run Section 5. He figures it’s payback. But apparently ’tis true. He just doesn’t seem the type to lead others, though. At least, not in a formal setting. We’ve seen Zane demonstrate leadership qualities before, and his emotional arc has taken him to a point where he actually has friends in Fargo and (maybe) Jack – when they don’t want to punch each other – and it feels like he’s finally settling into the Eureka community with a sense of belonging there.

Still… Zane in charge?

Allison doesn’t quite get the quiet she was looking for, either, as Jack has stowed away with Virtual Vincent for a romantic underwater dinner for two. All well and good until some sparkly thingy swings by and slams into the submersible, leaving them without power.

So, there are the plot threads, including one that picks up from a couple of episodes ago, as Fowler is still trying to get his transporter to work.

Fans have been wondering when Jack and Allison were going to get married – even if they were going to get married – and the stress an emotional dips and crags in their underwater jaunt certainly make one question if they’re going to make it. Carter is self-conscious about being the not-so-smart one, because Allison hasn’t told her family about him yet. Allison is afraid of blending the families and then what if the whole thing falls apart?

It almost feels like the writers are going to pull away from the whole Jack/Allison bit for a bit. Putting them on the edge of the Abyss at the bottom of Lake Archimedes was both literal and symbolic, as they get to the razor’s edge with their relationship, their patience with each other, and their willingness to do what it takes to make the relationship work. All while trying to keep the sub from falling down to a watery grave in the middle of the lake.

Subtle, John Hererra.

But, this being Eureka, everything works out. Jo figures out the explosions related to Feynman Day pranks gone bad all involve water from the lake. Turns out Fowler’s transporter was working, but the targeting system was messed up because of all the Section 5 pranksters. Oh, those wascals… Zane uses his targeting system (the one locked on Jo’s clothes… OK, her DNA) to lock onto Jack and Allison, and they scramble to beam them out before the sub fills with water.

But, this being Eureka, we have to take some time for a little curveball, and this time it’s the wedding of Jack and Allison. Mayor Henry officiates over the communicator while Zane and Jo stand for Jack and Allison, and hey huzzah! we have a wedding in the middle of scrambling to save the marrying couple before they drown.

Just another day in Eureka.



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