SciFi X/Y: The Time Travel Episode

This episode: time travel! What’s the best? What’s the worst? With so many time travel shows coming to the fall TV lineup, we figure it’s time (ahem) to look at some of our favorites… and some not so favorite.

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Ode to PENNY DREADFUL: Our Family is Broken and the Bell Tolls No More

The end of something terribly beautiful. We bid farewell to our beloved family of #Dreadfuls much too soon.

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THE WALKING DEAD: Things Go South As #TeamZombie Watches “East”

Team Zombie heads “East” to talk about the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD — just in time for the season finale! Are you ready for what’s coming?

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Recap: ASH VS EVIL DEAD: So Wrong it’s Right

The pilot episode of ASH VS EVIL DEAD is the perfect combination of nostalgia and gorn, making it just bad enough to be good.

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