THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #8: Horror Films For Halloween

Everyone knows the HALLOWEEN’s, the FRIDAY THE 13TH’s and the SAW’s, but there are a lot of great horror films that don’t get the love they deserve. Mr. Harvey has some to recommend!

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THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #4: Ain’t It Cool News in Freefall & STAR TREK’s Return

This week, we get into the news about Ain’t It Cool News founder Harry Knowles and the hot water he’s in, plus a longer discussion about STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.

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THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #3: Hollywood’s Cruel Summer

The studios are pointing to the critics and sites like Rotten Tomatoes and blaming them for poisoning the public on these big-budget, big-name flops, but are they the real culprits here?

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