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Interview: Let’s Get WETA Digital with Terry Notary from WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES

What does it take to make a monkey out of Terry Notary? Gymnastics, a stint with Cirque du Soleil, and a lot of practice with WETA’s motion capture technology. Elle Latham talks with Notary about his work in the new APES.

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Film Review: IT STAINS THE SANDS RED Flips Script On Zombie Flicks (LAFF 2017)

From the Los Angeles Film Festival: IT STAINS THE SANDS RED, a zombie flick that turns in a pretty decent zombie story.

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Film Review: We Need to Talk About MY FRIEND DAHMER (LAFF 2017)

My Friend Dahmer (2017) Written by Marc Meyers (based on the graphic novel My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf) Directed by

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Film Review: THE FEMALE BRAIN Is A Great Sci-Rom-Com (LAFF 2017)

From the LA Film Festival: How does a woman’s brain work? How does a woman’s brain work when studying the brains of other couples to figure out relationships? Inquiring minds want to know about THE FEMALE BRAIN.

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Brigsby Bear Claws Its Way to the Top at LA Film Festival

Stars were on hand at the LA Film Festival to give BRIGSBY BEAR top honors. We were on the red carpet for the event.

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STAN AGAINST EVIL Premiere Sweeps Horror-Com Fans Off Their Feet

Sneak peek at the premiere of STAN AGAINST EVIL, a new comedy horror that will have fans ready for more. Plus: interviews with the cast!

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Science Geeks Unite at VOYAGE OF TIME Premiere

Science geek celebs came out to premiere of Terrence Malick’s VOYAGE OF TIME: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE. Elle interviewed some attendees, screened the film and hung out at the after party.

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