Studios Are Going Book Shopping

Studios are fans of nabbing books before they are published for adaptations, mixing the new and the…well…odd with older classics while thinking outside the box.

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Adaptations 4 You: 21 Laps Continue Their Sci-Fi Run

21 Laps is high on sci-fi adaptations with four new films in the works.

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MECHANISM: Wherein a Super A.I. Mulls Over Saving Humanity.

Raffaele Ienco crafts a battered Earth, the result of alien invasion. One man may have created an artificial intelligence that can save civilization, but before they can get the A.I. to help them, they must first teach it what it means to be human.

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UK Animator Billy Allison: Monsters and Aliens, Oh My!

UK-based animator Billy Allison fell in love with cartoons and film at a very early age, and simply can’t remember a time in his youth when he wasn’t drawing or doodling something. Over the past 20 years he has succeeded in developing his childhood artistic passion into a rewarding career, gaining a solid reputation as an exceptionally skilled animator with a wealth of experience and an uncommon gift for giving his characters emotion.

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MISFITS: Dark, Hilarious, Utterly Captivating Sci-Fi

Last week I somehow stumbled onto a British science fiction dark comedy television show called “Misfits,” which I have since fallen in love with. After watching a few incredibly addictive seasons on, I spent several hours reading up on this wonderfully irreverent little gem of a show that’s somehow been around for the last three years, but that I’d never heard of before now. The scripts are relentlessly funny, unpredictable and often quite rough, and creator/writer Howard Overman has carefully crafted characters that act more like real human beings in the face of an absurdist sci-fi situation than almost any other show of its kind before.

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