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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Was Last Night the Last Night?

March 17, 2014


Episode 216: “About Last Night” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Beauty & The Beast, I have a love-hate relationship with you. You’re like a semi-bad boyfriend. Every once in a while, there are breakthrough moments wherein you realize your potential, and you just keep stringing me along. Last week’s episode “About Last Night” was one of […]


March 10, 2014


Episode 215: “Catch Me If You Can” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Nice to see you guys again, after a short two-week break from Beauty & The Beast. Time to mull and stew over our pulchritudinous protagonists, and their machinations. Away to it, shall we? Vincent determinedly kicks off the episode early one morning, with JT’s […]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds

February 24, 2014


Episode 214: “Redemption” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Episode 214 of Beauty & The Beast starts out with many beasties likely thinking they’re getting their desires played out, when Cat visits Vincent at his houseboat and they almost kiss. Alas, it’s just a dream, but it lets us have a little peek at what’s going on […]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Woe, Destruction, Ruin, and Decay

February 16, 2014


Episode 213: “Till Death” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] In my last write-up for Beauty & The Beast, I mentioned that chess pieces are on the move, and it seems things continue along the same lines in episode 13, “Till Death.” And if the title of episode 14 (“Redemption”) tells us anything, it’ll be more of […]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Disaster Recovery

February 9, 2014


Episode 212: “Recipe for Disaster” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Last week’s episode of Beauty & The Beast was in interesting one, in that chess pieces have been strategically placed such that times will be a-changing. So let’s take a quick look. Tess alerts Cat that Gabe is planning on leaving the precinct. From a “real […]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Hostage to Misfortune

February 2, 2014


Episode 211: “Held Hostage” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] I have a confession to make. Leading up to “Held Hostage,” episode 211 of Beauty & The Beast, I was kinda done. Done with the jerkiness, done with the adversity, done with the antipathy. I mean, come on, the strength of this show was the romance factor. […]

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Sins of the Fathers

January 26, 2014


Episode 210: “Ancestors” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Beauty and the Beast continues its exasperating polarization of its two leads, as Vincent forges a dark path of smug and indifferent dickishness in the latest episode, “Ancestors.”  In an unexpected effort to further his exposure, Vincent appears on The Talk with Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen.  This […]

Beauty & The Beast: Love Goes Kaput

January 19, 2014


Episode 209: “Don’t Die on Me” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Hope you all enjoyed a long winter’s rest, but Beauty and the Beast was back last week with episode nine of season two, “Don’t Die on Me,” and it’s time to get back to it.  It’s worth mentioning before we get too seriously underway: congratulations to Beauty and the Beast […]

Beauty & The Beast: Savagery Abounds

December 2, 2013


Episode 208: “Man or Beast” [photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/CW] Episode Eight of Beauty & The Beast opens with Vincent standing on top of the trigger of a bomb in Tori’s apartment.  Will the bomb go off?  Will Vincent and Tori get free?  Will the show go on!?  The horror! Vincent and Tori work together with […]

Beauty & The Beast: Dinner Plans Run Amok

November 25, 2013


Episode 207: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” [photos: Sven Frenzel/CW] I’ve been complaining about Cat and Vincent not getting enough quality one-on-one time in Beauty & The Beast, and episode seven delivers up the one-on-one time, if not the quality.  Cat and Vincent have a short make-out session in her bedroom, and while they both […]

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Our Father, Who Art Duplicitous

November 18, 2013


Episode 206: “Father Knows Best” THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! [photos: Christos Kalohoridis/CW] Episode five of Beauty & The Beast opened with lovely scenery, and episode six was not to be outdone: we see Vincent sleeping in bed, an artfully placed bed sheet showing off a good portion of what his mama gave him.  You gotta give […]

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Reunited, and It Feels So Good

November 9, 2013


Episode 205: “Reunion” THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! [photos: Christos Kalohoridis/CW] The fifth episode, season two of Beauty & the Beast opens with some lovely on-the-water shots by Vincent’s place, but that’s quickly torn asunder by a new beast we’ve never seen before smashing and slashing his way through the house boat. Cat and Gabe, meanwhile, […]

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Cooler Heads Prevail

November 4, 2013


Episode 204: “Hothead” THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! [Photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW] Cat and Tess kick off episode four of Beauty & The Beast  by getting ready to go out on the town Episode Four.  Alas, not for karaoke, but for a good ol’ man-forgetting game of pool.  Unfortunately, their plans run amuck when a […]

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: You Can’t Handle the Truth!

October 27, 2013


Episode 203: “Liar, Liar” THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! [Photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW] In the third episode of Beauty & the Beast, season two, Cat attempts to cover up the bruise on her neck from last week’s encounter with jerk Vincent.  As many of you probably know from personal experience, there is just no way […]

BEAUTY & THE BEAST: Abduction Junction, What’s Your Function?

October 20, 2013


Episode 202: “Kidnapped” THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD! [Photos: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW] While the NYPD at large continues its investigation of the Zhao murder, Gabe, Tess, JT and Cat pull together for Vincent, to varying degrees of success, although each with an agenda.  Tess just wants to protect Cat; JT wants to protect Vincent; Cat […]


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