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After KING ARTHUR, Guy Richie Takes on ALADDIN

Who knows what Guy Richie’s vision of the live action ALADDIN will end up looking like? But the cast seems to be having a ball as filming begins in England.

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SciFi4Chicks: Disney’s Live Action Plan – Should They Adapt Every Animated Story?

The Chicks discuss the latest live action remake from Disney and whether or not the studio should be re-making everything in their library.

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Recap: ONCE UPON A TIME People Were Running Off With Babies

Rumpelstiltskin steals a baby while trying not to lose his own. Regina confronts her evil half. A freed Genie is replaced. Plus, aging powder and squid ink.

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Recap: ONCE UPON A TIME A Boat Became A Prison

So what exactly was the history between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? And what did Rumpelstiltskin need with the serum? And will Belle break free of the ship?

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