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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Gets Better with ‘The Getaway’


[All photos by Michael Gibson/CW]

Episode 409: “The Getaway”
Written by Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes
Directed by Stuart Gillard

Last week’s episode of Beauty and the Beast was a tall drink of water. It included touching moments, a logical and thoughtful storyline, and some epiphanies. We’re starting to slide into the home stretch, and it’s reassuring to see a tighter episode at this point. So what rocked, and what stunk? Read on, and I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!



The Good

  • BATB has introduced a lot of not-good cheesy gimmicks over the years, but this week’s binoculars stunt, i.e., Vincent suddenly in full view of Cat’s binoculars on the rooftop, was actually pretty cute.
  • This week’s intro had some more really good kissing, and loved Cat’s hey-pay-attention-to-me when Vincent starts scanning for danger.
  • Journalists are the reviled taxmen of most serial shows. But there was something about that Grace Rose and the actor who played her that was actually pretty sympathetic. Another great guest star in Melissa Tang. Her facial expressions upon seeing Vincent emerge on the porch were perfect: subtle yet fully communicative.
  • We don’t see a sarcastic Vincent too often, but his, “You all trying to catch Bigfoot?” quip to the as-yet-unsuspecting Graydal team was, well, quippy.
  • So last week I had cautioned against jumping to conclusions that Tess was actually dating. And okay, yeah, ADA Ellis is a man, and she’s dating him. And dang, he is cute! I know most die-hard BATB fans are hoping for a J.T.- Tess reconciliation, but ADA Ellis could give Tess the normal life she craves AND he’s easy on the eyes.
  • How does one overcome that awkward second date dilemma? Hug? Kiss? A hand shake? Ellis addresses the elephant in the room by charmingly suggesting a cheek kiss. And Tess’s whole face lights up.
  • When Ellis tells Tess that her hypothetical friend doesn’t deserve to be a cop anymore, wow, that was an epiphany for me. I posted an opinion piece to my Facebook post the other day that most cops are wonderful people who are performing an awesome community service, but cops who stray need to be held accountable. I had never once thought that about applying this notion to the character of Cat. She’s doing the wrong things for the right reasons, but she’s doing some clearly wrong things. This show hasn’t floated that idea to quite this extent before. How will they resolve that sticky dilemma in just four episodes?
  • Epiphany #2: “We’re never going to get our lives back”. A resigned and emphatic Cat calls it as she sees it. The thing is, you can’t continue to do the same thing over and over and expect things to ever be any different. It’s time for a major, system-shaking change. A ballsy writer’s move to introduce that idea at this stage of the game, and again I ask, how will they resolve that in just four episodes?
  • Oh my gosh, their getaway cabin is gorgeous. Rustic, quaint, and the lush flora? I, too, need a getaway.
  • “Want to be alone? Take a walk with me?” I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a more gentle way of resolving a break in communication. I might have to steal that for myself.
  • J.T. talks Tess down off the captain-quitting ledge. Good for him. Too often, exes are embittered and can’t handle being there for each other, even in a limited capacity. J.T. really is one of the good guys.
  • The police were called in for the Grace-Kane aftermath. We don’t see the police get called in too often. Good for Cat.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve dug on the music in BATB, but while Vincent returns Graydal, Freddie Dickson’s “Shut Us Down” plays. Ethereal, longing, it warns us of the tough times that Cat and Vincent prepare to face.
  • Vincent boldly waltzes into Graydal, and announces, “Guess you’re looking for me.” The stones on that dude.


The Bad/Ugly

  • In the beginning scene, why would Cat and Vincent take a risk and dine al fresco if they have their cozy underground lair? I’m being serious. Tons of candles, it’s super romantic. Maybe it smells like the NYC sewers.
  • Okay, I know that New York City residents probably don’t drive as much as we do down here in the sprawling South, but seriously, what is up with J.T.’s driving? Did he pass Driver’s Ed???
  • Tess’s secret police raid really bothered me, because I didn’t see how she’d be able to carry that off without probable cause. Yes, she says as much later on in the episode, but I struggled with that bit.
  • Oh, no he dinnit!!! J.T., did you just tell Tess she was overreacting?!? You don’t EVER tell a woman she’s overreacting.
  • Vincent’s running sequence in the woods was kinda dumb. I really can’t bag on it too much because it’s pretty much the same stupid running effect that The Vampire Diaries has used from its inception, but hey, it’s still dumb.
  • Where was Heather? Annoying little sister with the heart of gold? I miss that dingbat-fashionista-social media savant.

A much stronger episode than the last few weeks. Good job cast and crew! Just a few more to go. See you next time, beautiful beasties!

Beauty and the Beast airs on the CW on Thursdays at 9/9 Central. For more information, visit the official site.

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