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SciFi4Chicks: There Will Be Light on GOTHAM

Finally! One of the most anticipated premieres is here, and what a premiere it was! Jim Gordon is the only honest man in Gotham, rocking his righteous indignation like no other. Bruce Wayne is the drama queen we know and love (and David Mazouz who plays him shows how much talent he has). Fish Mooney is the villain of our dreams while Riddler and Penguin are a little on the nose. There’s more to Barbara Kean than one would suspect, our Cult of Renee Montoya starts strong and future Catwoman displays some stalkerish tendencies.

Listen to Heather and Alex talk about their reactions to the pilot episode, what they think of all the characters and Gotham itself.

The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.


What was your “Holy, Batman!” moment? Teach Alex how to be American and translate her WTF moment into a proper classic Batman line!

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