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Roundup 12.21.11 – Something Something Prequels and Stuff

Chewbacca on “Glee”. There. We mentioned it.

Here’s an update on the Star Wars comedy show being put together by Seth Green. Note in this article from the BBC, it’s called a “parody” and appears to be spoofing the franchise. So don’t expect it to be set inside the continuity. From the description of Lucas laughing rather heartily, this either indicates the show is very well-crafted funny, or Lucas is at the point where he’s laughing at the entire franchise…all the way to the bank.

While some may wonder at the notion of a Star Wars comedy, thinking that it may be a bit of a risk, remember that the original movie was a risk for 20th Century Fox, too. In this interview, Alan Ladd, Jr. remembers what it took to get the movie made in the first place. (Bet he wishes the licensing rights had gone a different way…)

What Wil Wheaton has done for Wil Wheaton, Warwick Davis is about to do for Warwick Davis. The dwarf star of Willow (as well as several characters in the Star Wars set – notably an Ewok) is set to star as a not-quite-real version of himself in “Life’s Too Short”, a BBC show developed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

Davis, who also had a recurring part in the Harry Potter films, took the idea to the comedy team. Based on his own life managing Willow Management, his talent agency for short performers. [Full Story at The Independent]

Think maybe a cameo on “The Big Bang Theory” might be next?


And in case you’ve missed it, here’s the trailer for the new Bioware game, Star Wars: The Old Republic (which our own Jessi Arntz got to play already). Out December 20:



The People vs. George Lucas recently hit DVD, and The Trades writer Chris Delloiacono has this interview with director Alexandre O. Phillippe, who says the film is an attempt to objectively document fan disappointment in the direction Lucas has taken the franchise, and not “a George Lucas bashing movie”.

And more proof that Lucas is at least a savvy businessman, if he’s not an overly creative one at this point: Sabotage Times has an examination of the merchandising end of the Lucasfilm pipeline. There’s lots of money to be had in the Star Wars universe.

If you have a hard time figuring out George Lucas’ identity – movie mogul, hack writer, or genius – you can take a stab at Star Wars: Identities instead. The exhibit, which opens at the Montreal Science Center in April 2012, is an interactive experience with scientific material about identity and what makes you who you are. [via Geeks Are Sexy]



The Star Wars Blog recently posted some rare interviews from the cast of The Empire Strikes Back. Here’s Bobbie Wygant (who’s from Dallas, your humble editor’s stomping grounds…) talking with Mark Hamill:



And they also posted a link to an early interview with Hamill, who taped it at Imperial College in London (1978).



And you already know about the “feud” between Carrie Fisher and William Shatner, with the conciliatory video from George Takei. In your humble editor’s opinion, this feels like a publicity grab to me. So take it for what it’s worth.

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