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GAMING Roundup 7.21.11

Saints Row the Third platinum pack details

Details have recently been announced for the  Saints Row the Third platinum pack. This edition includes a pair of high quality headphones inspired by the “Premiere Pimp of Saints Row” (note the headset is NOT compatible with Xbox Live/PSN). Professor Genki Hyper Ordinary pre-oder pack is included in this platinum pack. This pack includes; Professor Genki’s super ballistic Man-a-Pult vehicle, Octopus Gun, and Genki Stuntman Outfit . The Man-a-Pult can vacuum pedestrians and then fire them like human cannon balls. Professor Genki’s Octopus Gun fires octopi at your enemies causing them to fight for you.  Professor Genki’s leiser stunt suit is the ultimate in form fitting comfort,Genki mask included. The official Saints Row the Third soundtrack on a separate disk and of course the game are due to come out this holiday season.

Click here to see what it looks like —>

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Minecraft Adventure update will be playable at PAX


Minecraft Adventure update: Minecraft 1.8 will be playable at PAX for the those who attend the event. The update will include many new features such as NPC villagers, randomly generated dungeons, new biome code, fully working creative mode, sprinting, critical hits and more farming options.

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Battlefield 3 not currently for Steam

In what appears to be an attempt to gain support for EAs new Steam-like service Origin, EA has not listed Steam as an outlet available to download Battlefield 3.

Origin launched in Beta form back in June, with The Old Republic being one of the titles exclusive to the new download service when the game comes out later in the year.

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