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Dustin & Molly Watch DYLAN DOG

Introducing a brand new semi-regular regular feature on!

“Dustin and Molly: Movie & TV Reviews for Humans” is a new vlog program where film fans (and filmmakers) Dustin and Molly watch movies and TV shows, and then… well, they review them.

Seems pretty straight-forward, right?

It’s a new thing, and we’re pretty excited about it. This is the pilot, so we’re still tweaking. But feel free to let us know what you think.

In this episode, Dustin and Molly review Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. Should you see it, skip it or Redbox it?


Up next: PRIEST

Dustin Adair

Dustin Adair grew up telling odd stories to concerned family members in Wimberley, Texas. He went on to study Screenwriting and Costume Design at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. He currently tells odd stories to concerned friends in Kansas City, Missouri.

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