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GAME OF THRONES: Mr. Smith Says "Pay Attention"

Well now we’re getting to the meat of things. Are you keeping up? No? What the heck’s the matter? You can’t follow fifty different character arcs because you just started watching this week? This series is going to be more inside than the middle of third season of “Farscape”.

I imagine if you did just start watching this week, you caught the first two episodes as re-runs. If you didn’t do that, you must’ve downloaded it, or you’re the kind of person that walks in on the end of a conversation and says, “Oh I totally know what you mean.” Then you’ll proceed to tell a not-so-fascinating anecdote that is completely irrelevant, about which, nobody cares, and probably isn’t true. But then, if you are that kind of person, you’re waiting until the end of the series to comment about the time your aunt bought a potpourri warmer at Target but never got to use it because when she plugged it in, she had a stroke and drowned in a small pool of scented oil. Even at the funeral you could still smell the simulated apple pie.

Meet your DOOM, Aunt Marge!
You should know better than to lie.

I digress. Back to the task at hand. To keep you abreast of things, why not look at this…..

Episode Three Recap from our friends at HBO.

John’s on the wall, Tyrion hung with him for a while, but had to split, and oh is he going to be in trouble with Catelyn, huh? Daenerys is preggers and having trouble keeping her ungrateful jerkwad brother alive, Lord Stark is annoyed because the king is a drunken whoremonger, Queen Cercei seems to be under the impression that the sun shines out of her son’s backside. Speaking of Joffrey, why can’t Tyrion smack the crap out of him every episode? Petyr’s finally got a chance to even the score with Ned for stealing his lady love of yore, Jamie is, in my opinion, far too into his sister, Aria is taking dancing lessons, and Sansa is an idiot, and on and on and on.

We met some new folks too. Everyone is important. I have no idea how G.R.R.M keeps track of it all.

Pay attention, friends. It’s barely begun.

See ya next week!

Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith, a native of Curtistan, is an actor, whip maker, and musician.

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