DRAGON QUEST TACT Receives English Beta

Square Enix announced that the tactical mobile game Dragon Quest Tact is coming to the West sometime in 2021. The game was released this past summer in Japan, and it surpassed 10 million downloads in Japan alone.  Dragon Quest Tact is based off of the hit JRPG series Dragon Quest.

Created in 1986, Dragon Quest was one of the first JRPG’s ever made, and is considered a genre pioneer. Known for its retro gameplay and character designs by renowned manga author Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump), the series has continued to be a staple in the JRPG genre, spawning 11 mainline titles and several spinoff titles.

Dragon Quest Tact takes players on an adventure to defeat those threatening the world of Orchesterra. Players can recruit a variety of Dragon Quest monsters, like Slime, Golem, and even Sabercats. The gameplay is grid/tactical based, with turns. Like most other gacha games, your units will have individual story missions where you learn more about them, as well as a leveling/customization system. In addition, Square Enix has announced pre-registration for an Android users, which will begin sometime soon. Android users can pre-register for the Closed Beta Test here. The game will be supported in French, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and English.

No release date for the West has been given.

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