#D8NIGHT – Excerpts From The Wizard’s Journals

It’s been a tough couple of weeks at Studio D of SciFi4Me TV.2. It’s bad enough that we left off on a cliffhanger on our last episode of #D8Night on our Twitch channel. But we adventurers were assigned manual labor as penance to the denizens of the Sword Coast North! Sure, we told Fearless Leader that we were helping the Dungeon Master move to a flashy new house, but all you #D8Night devotees know what’s up.

Fortunately, in the shuffle, some of those fabled “NOT DIARIES” of the Wizard were unearthed. Unfortunately, our minions were only able to crack the translation on certain entries so far. All the information that we’ve yet gleaned is available here.

Now sure, each one of theseĀ appearsĀ to be a personal letter for a close friend or confidante, and perhaps the wizard is disingenuously painting a picture that’s not entirely honest. Or maybe it may be too soon to tell. We’ll keep our linguists on the case with the remaining pages, and you all keep up to date with the happenings on #D8Night every Monday night, 9-11. Don’t forget to subscribe for notifications when they go live – there count be hints in everything!

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