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Cuphead Netflix Series Announced

The beloved 1930’s animated video game, Cuphead, is getting its own show on Netflix.

Netflix’s The Cuphead Show will follow Cuphead and his brother Mugman as they explore Inkwell Isle. The series will not be a retelling of the game but instead will feature new adventures and shenanigans. “We do know that we are not going to re-tell the game. This is going to explore other things and not just [Don’t Deal With the Devil].” said Jared Moldenhauer, Cuphead co-creator, to IGN. “The game told its story. The cartoon will tell its [own].”

[Photo courtesy of Studio MDHR]
Moldenhauer also told IGN the series will not tie into the game directly. “I see it in a Mickey Mouse [cartoon] manner,” Moldenhauer explained. “In any given episode, Mickey Mouse could’ve been a pilot, or selling hot dogs, or a musician. There’s not this intention that the two must mesh and fit together.”

The show will continue to feature hand-drawn animations. Studio MDHR believes the animation would “never get done” if they did it. Instead, Netflix is doing the animation with their in-house team.

There are no details on the story, but the Moldenhauer brothers explained the show’s target audience. “It’s safe for kids, but written so there are also things that adults find funny and appeals to a wider audience,” said Chad Moldenhauer. “It’s not a toddler show or a little kids cartoon.”

In the press release, the series is described: “The character-driven comedy follows the unique misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. Through their many misadventures across their surreal home of the Inkwell Isles, they’ve always got one another’s backs.” The series doesn’t have a release date yet since it is still early in production.

This is not the only Cuphead content fans of the game are waiting for. Studio MDHR recently announced it was delaying its DLC The Delicious Last Course.

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