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A Belated Happy Birthday to @RobinThorsen!

I’m just going to blame a lack of information on this one…but we here at SciFi4Me couldn’t resist wishing Robin Thorsen, the hilarious actress known for her role as Clara on The Guild, a very happy (if belated) birthday.

In honor of Robin, I’ve put together a list of some of my personal favorite Clara quotes!

“Should I take them to the ER or just wait for rainbow poo? ”

“I can’t believe you didn’t wait for me to get back online. First I had husband agro, and then I had baby DPS!”

“Oh! Marshmellow Zaboos!”

“Parents influence their kids?  Is that a new study?”


“I’m a mom at heart, drink up, honey.” (…this was after giving Codex a sippy cup of vodka.)

You can visit her website here, watch the guild, follow her Twitter feed, or even just catch up on the latest news on The Guild via Twitter or here on the site!  Coming soon will be a Season 4 recap and, of course, the new episodes of Season 5!

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