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ZOMBPOCALYPSE NOW: The Wolves That Are Teens Return!

Banner_ZombpocalypseNowWith The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead on break, it’s Zombpocalypse Now and The Wolves That Are Teens! That’s right, Team Zombie talks Teen Wolf’s Final Season!

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Season 6, Episode 11 “Said the Spider to the Fly”
Written by Adam Karp
Directed by Russell Mulcahy

Mindy: There was so much digressing that you cut out of this.

Dustin: There was so much brilliant digression you cut out of this.

Timothy: There was so much ridiculous digression I cut out of this. Hi folks! We’re back with the final ten episodes of Dustin’s favorite show…

Dustin: TEEN WOLF!

Timothy: … Teen Wolf, yes, which, you may recall, I began watching at the beginning of this final season…

Mindy: And I started watching with this episode…

Timothy: … and Dustin brought Mindy up to speed, more or less…

Dustin: Brilliantly and succinctly, I might add.

Timothy: … more or less. Anyway, we’re spending the next 10 weeks talking about the Wolves that are Teens and the madness that is the town of Beacon Hills…

Mindy: Werewolves, banshees, hellhounds, oh my!

Timothy: … the Power of Heart, family bunkers and hiring deputies by the dozens, due to the high turnover-rate due to the dying en masse thing…

Dustin: It’s pretty amazing. Seriously, though. This is a really dark, emotional, scary, funny and fun show, that I’ve been watching from the beginning. It has the horror elements that we all love, and yet still is about friendship and family. Tim will joke about not staring at the plot, but it has so much to enjoy.

Timothy: I have to say I have been entertained, and that is a a good thing in any show. 

Mindy: And don’t forget to check out all our other podcasts on iTunes and Podcasts.com, as well as our YouTube videos!

[audioplayer file=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/zombpocalypse-now-a79ac0f68/ZOMBPOCALYPSE-NOW-The-Wolves-That-Are-Teens-Return-d530″ titles=”ZOMBPOCALYPSE NOW: The Wolves That Are Teens Return!” artists=”SciFi4Me Radio” track=”FD8604″ text=”000000″]


The final season of Teen Wolf airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on MTV.


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