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THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #8: Horror Films For Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, this week’s The Tim Harvey Show looks at a few of Mr. Harvey’s favorite lessor-known horror films!

Everyone knows the Halloween’s, the Friday the 13th’s and the Saw’s, but there are a lot of great horror films that either didn’t get the love they deserved from the studios or somehow slipped by audiences. Films like Ravenous, Altered and Session 9 have a lot to offer the horror fan looking for some good scares this Halloween, and Mr. Harvey has those not-as-famous films and more to share with you!

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Timothy Harvey

Timothy Harvey is a Kansas City based writer, director, actor and editor, with something of a passion for film noir movies. He was the art director for the horror films American Maniacs, Blood of Me, and the pilot for the science fiction series Paradox City. His own short films include the Noir Trilogy, 9 1/2 Years, The Statement of Randolph Carter - adapted for the screen by Jason Hunt - and the music video for IAMEVE’s Temptress. He’s a former President and board member for the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City, and has served on the board of Film Society KC.

One thought on “THE TIM HARVEY SHOW #8: Horror Films For Halloween

  • I loved Company of Wolves. I hadn’t thought about it in ages. Did you ever see “Gothic”?


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