ROGUES GALLERY #38: President Wonder Woman, Stupid Green Arrow, and Love in Gotham

This week, the Rogues discuss President Wonder Woman and her associated Easter eggs. Jim Gordon and Oliver Queen are both stupid. And it looks like we’re taking the plunge in Gotham City.

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ROGUES GALLERY #37: SUPERGIRL’s Still the Best, GOTHAM’s Still the Worst, Everything Else is the Middle

The Rogues get together in the new studio, and it’s a full-sized team that gathers to discuss this week’s episodes of all the DC Comics television offerings. What’s your Penguin/Riddler shipper hashtag?

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H2O #46: In Which We Discuss Marvel’s Smashed Universe

____________________ Tuesday, January 20 — Marvel executives Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso dropped the bomb that the Marvel universe was

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