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Roundup 7.6.12 – TOTAL RECALL

[Featured Image: Sony Pictures]

In case you haven’t been following the buzz (and have been living under a rock), the new trailer for the Total Recall reboot has been making its rounds on the web.


While awesome, it’s certainly not the only thing coming out of the Rekall world. As a matter of fact, a new viral ad campaign offers real-life prizes for fans of the movie. Over at the official website for the reboot, visitors can interact with the Facebook app to enter in the fantasy series (prizes vary, but are completely epic). In addition, visitors can link their entry with their profile “to receive a personalized Rekall video, detailing the story of their brand new memories and successful Rekall experience, which they can share with their friends.” [A complete list of the Rekall prizes at Screenrant]

There will also be “Welcome to Rekall” experience kiosks in New York, Los Angeles, and at San Diego Comic-Con.

Now, people are already making comparisons to the original. While it appears from the trailer that they’re keeping the fairly iconic “three-breasted woman,” it’s already found a difference in the rating. The MPAA has rated the reboot PG13 in comparison to the original’s solid “R” rating. [More at DreadCentral] If there’s any specific need for comparison, you can always enjoy the re-release of the original on blu-ray, due out next month.

And, while the movie is a revamping of the original movie, fans shouldn’t forget that the original source material is going to come into play- Philip K. Dick’s novel. [More info at The Province]

Oh, and as if we REALLY needed more hype about it, but the stars have been making the magazine rounds. The Star has a great article about Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale and the ever-sexy Beckinsale talked to Empire magazine about a variety of topics including her husband’s choice of casting. [Excerpts from the article available here] Jessica Biel also talked about what it was like to hit her costar in front of Beckinsale’s husband, director Len Wiseman. [More on that at HuffPo UK]

Plus! There’s three new TV spots!


[You can check out the rest of them at the Reelz website]

Stay tuned for more news as we hear it!

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