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Reviews4Me: FIRST DAY ON EARTH – Another Day, Another Cliché

June 20, 2014


First Day on Earth Cecil Castellucci Scholastic Press, 160 pages Science Fiction, Grades 7-9 Hardcover, eBook   I seem to be picking up a lot of pessimistic books lately, or maybe a lot of young adult fiction is pessimistic. I’m not sure which it is. The main character is an angsty teenage boy. He has […]

Love Can Be Such GRIMM Sweet Sorrow

May 20, 2014


Episode 3.21 “Blonde Ambition” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] Wow, there was a whole lot going on in this episode! Normally this would be something I’d complain about, but somehow the writers managed to get it all in and not make the story feel short changed. In several scenes there were multiple storylines going on at the […]

Parenting A GRIMM

May 12, 2014


Episode 3.20 “The Inheritance” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] As her Mother’s Day gift my daughter has written the bulk of this week’s post. Alright, hey everyone, this is Maggie, Maia’s daughter, and I’m here to tell you all about this dumb episode. Guess what. There’s gonna be spoilers, because that’s how I roll.   Anyways, so […]

A GRIMM Education

May 7, 2014


Episode 3.19 “My Fair Wesen” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] There isn’t anything to say without giving stuff away. So, I’ll start by putting up the “spoilers” banner. There was a police case this week, but it was really more about beginning Trubel’s education on being a Grimm. Honestly the most exciting thing about this week’s episode […]

A Troubled and GRIMM Youth

April 30, 2014


Episode 3.18 “Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] This episode introduces a new character. If she becomes a regular this will be a big thing. When we first met Rosalee, I didn’t know she would become a regular. Maybe the writers didn’t know that either. It wasn’t until the relationship between Monroe […]

GRIMM Takes Baby for a Ride

April 15, 2014


Episode 3.17 “The Law of Sacrifice” [photos: Scott Green/NBC]   If you enjoy twists in your plot, this week’s episode is for you. I enjoyed the way it kept me on my feet. I’ve gotten used to Grimm giving away all the secrets in the first couple of scenes. This was a nice surprise to […]

GRIMM Family Matters

April 9, 2014


Episode 3.16 “Synchronicity” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] After a one week break Grimm is back. Overall this was a good episode. We even got some Nick Burkhardt back story. Good thing the writers didn’t try to cram a new Wesen creature into the plot. There wasn’t room for more of anything.     So this is […]


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