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GRIMM Takes Baby for a Ride

April 15, 2014


Episode 3.17 “The Law of Sacrifice” [photos: Scott Green/NBC]   If you enjoy twists in your plot, this week’s episode is for you. I enjoyed the way it kept me on my feet. I’ve gotten used to Grimm giving away all the secrets in the first couple of scenes. This was a nice surprise to […]

GRIMM Family Matters

April 9, 2014


Episode 3.16 “Synchronicity” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] After a one week break Grimm is back. Overall this was a good episode. We even got some Nick Burkhardt back story. Good thing the writers didn’t try to cram a new Wesen creature into the plot. There wasn’t room for more of anything.     So this is […]

GRIMM Runs Away to the Circus

March 25, 2014


Episode 3.15 “The Show Must Go On” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] I enjoyed this episode. We got to see yet another side of Wesen life. We don’t often see Wesen in everyday life. Usually we don’t get to know them till someone has died or is about to die. Well,  I guess that part hasn’t changed. […]

GRIMM Gets Fourth Season

March 21, 2014


Grimm has been granted time to continue the stories they’ve been developing this season. With the promise of a fourth season comes the likely hood of another cliffhanger to end this season. It’s almost become a Grimm thing, ending with a really good cliffhanger. The Friday night spot seems to be working well for Grimm. […]

GRIMM Walks Like An Egyptian

March 19, 2014


Episode 3.14 “Once We Were Gods” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] This is a great concept, that the Egyptian gods were Wesen. There’s some nice writing in this episode. Some of the lines are spot on. And while there’s plenty of ambiguity about the varying rules that our Wesen friends themselves live by, there’s also some genuine […]

Mothers GRIMM

March 12, 2014


Episode 3.13 “Mommy Dearest” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] It was good to see Grimm not trying to cram too much into the episode. This was pretty much a Wu centric story. There was also Adalind giving birth to the overly protective demon child. This was an episode I had to watch during the day. I saw […]

Something Grimm This Way Comes

March 3, 2014


Episode 3.12 “Revelation” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] GRIMM returned following the Winter Olympics. Was it worth the wait? Did you feel like you were gypped? I have mixed feelings about the pay off for the cliff hanger. I’ve come to really enjoy this series. But from a critical standpoint this week’s episode was not enough. When […]

May Your Streams Never Cross — RIP Harold Ramis

February 25, 2014


Harold Ramis passed away February 24th at the age of 69.  He may be most recognizable for his role in Ghostbusters and Stripes. He will be remembered as a great comedic writer, actor and director. His ability to bring so much to his on screen characters marks the comic legacy that he leaves behind.  Harold […]

SciFi4Chicks Gets GRIMM

February 8, 2014


SciFi4Chicks is back with more! This episode, Maia and Kammie get together to discuss the latest happenings on Grimm, and what we’ve seen so far could mean for the rest of the season. How does season three stack up to the preceding two? Has the show made any missteps? What predictions can be made for Nick, […]

iBoy: Pessimistic, but Paced Well

February 8, 2014


iBoy by Kevin Brooks is a young adult science fiction. As a parent I would like to have some information upfront before my child read this book. iBoy has some very real world problems in it and the language to go along with them.  The book deals with drugs, gang violence, rape and human trafficking. […]

GRIMM Is Hunted

January 28, 2014


3.11 “The Wild Hunt” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] Honestly this episode would have been full without a police case. But the case may turn out to be really good. It was not finished up in this episode, and that was a smart thing for Grimm to do. Unfortunately for fans they’ll have to wait till February […]

GRIMM’s Grudge Match

January 21, 2014


3.10 “Good Soldier” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] It appears that I should not try to get my information from other websites offering information on Grimm. I read that we wouldn’t meet Roaslee’s mother and sister till next week and Monroe’s parents the following week after that. I knew it could be done. I knew that there […]

Coming Out GRIMM Style

January 13, 2014


3.09 “Eyes of the Beholder” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] The writers did a much better job of not trying to cram tons of story into one episode. On the other hand, we still didn’t get material that was shown in promos weeks ago. We were teased with the promise of Dee Wallace and Chris Mulkey portraying […]

GRIMM to the Touch

January 6, 2014


3.08 “Red Menace” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] It’s baaaack! Grimm‘s second half of the third season. Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Were you well behaved enough to avoid a visit from Krampus? This episode had so much going on. As promised we were introduced to the Russian community in Portland. I would really appreciate it if […]

It’s a Cold, GRIMM Krampus

December 17, 2013


3.07 “Cold Blooded/Twelve Days of Krampus” [photos: Scott Green/NBC] I should have realized it but somehow I was expecting one 2 hour episode not two regular 1 hour episodes. I also was expecting more on the story arcs and a cliffhanger. Grimm has been using cliffhangers to their advantage. It seems like they missed an […]


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