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Mr. Singleton has a Date with Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness

Okay, I can’t even begin to describe how geeked out I was just by the title alone. Anything that includes the Army of Darkness, sign me up! A long time ago, when I was in Junior High, I was introduced to horrible frozen Chinese food and The Army of Darkness. The very next morning, as soon as my stomach recovered from the late night snack, I had to dive back into that wonderful story. I still reference lines from the movie in everyday conversations.

So, now we have the Danger Girl series combining forces with The Army of Darkness. If you are not familiar with the Danger Girls, these agents are much like a James Bond or Indiana Jones, but female. These secret agents can do more than a James Bond could do and at a faster pace.

Ahh, my favorite evil book; the Necronomicon. We have seen it pop up a few times in other series lately. Vampirella is the most recent series we found this book. But how can you resist a book that is made of human flesh that holds the darkest of darkest spells? You can’t, and that is why this book is showing up in dark places causing problems all around.

Ash Williams has joined the Danger Girl team to fight the un-dead. I must admit that I was hoping for this exact thing when I saw the cover of this book. Ash Williams is the only human that can fight the Army of Darkness and the Necronomicon. Plus he brings a lot of humor to fighting the Army. But sometimes, just sometimes his overwhelming wittiness can get in the way. This causes problems for the others that are fighting with him, but not to worry. As with any situation that Ash is in, he finds a way out.

This particular way out happens to be Ash’s wonderfully executed style of demolishing the un-dead…with a chainsaw. HOW cool would it be to walk through a crowd of zombies (yes I realize that zombies and the un-dead are two separate creatures, but for the sake of a visual play along with me) with a chainsaw? You don’t have to reload a chainsaw (okay you do have to put gas in the chainsaw and you do have to make sure you have the right blend of oil in said chainsaw) and damage is done for as far along as you can swing. There is another really super cool part to this death of the un-dead scene that I will not go too deep in but it involves a helicopter. Yep, a helicopter. I can see your imagination going wild right now. I can see you saying, “forget reading the rest of this post, I’m going out right now and grabbing a copy”. I know just how you feel, but there is more.

So regardless of how many un-dead you slaughter, unless you gain control of the Necronomicon your valiant efforts are pointless. This is where the story gets interesting. The bad guy who has control of the Necronomicon (I wish I got paid by the letter, I would use that word a lot more!) has somehow unlocked full control and has turned into a giant evil being that is going after everybody at once. This isn’t good. And our friends Ash and the Danger Girls are doing all they can to make sure that this incident is contained and dealt with. There is only one minor issue. There is always a minor issue that isn’t so minor, an issue that can either be turned around and change the outcome of the story or stay the course and get worse. As with tradition once the Necronomicon is opened the un-dead are awakened and join forces to form an army…but one of them was not transformed for evil, one of them ends up helping save the day. I am not going to tell you anymore than the super un-dead hero has a “hand” to play in the minor issue problem solving. All Hell has broken loose and there are only a few pages left in this story.

The writing is everything I would expect from a book that has Army of Darkness in the title. The situations, the humor, and the horrific un-dead even had additions to the humorous events in this story. The way that Ash was written here is exactly the way he should have been written; the only downside to this storyline is there wasn’t more of Ash. I realize that this was a shared story but you wouldn’t ask King Kong to step aside for a few scenes while we took a closer look at the Empire State Building. I was happy to see the same situations in the Army of Darkness also appear in this story.

The artwork was good. There were a few scenes where details were lost and could have furthered the story along…I am sure there was every intent to do exactly that. Of course I could be wrong as I am reading this in digital form and not in print form. But from the perspective that I have with this story the artwork had a couple of options to stand out and make an unbelievable story believable. But I will not let those few scenes take points away from the overall adventure that is Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness.

To sum it all up in one wonderful sentence: Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness gets five out of five stars. Seriously people, if you are a fan of action/adventure, The Army of Darkness or even horror/sci-fi/action/adventure comics…go and read this series. It won’t cure cancer, it won’t bring back fluffy from the grave (unless you use the Necronomicon), it won’t even make you breakfast in the morning. But it will make you laugh on occasion, it will make you a bigger fan of the un-dead stories and our wonderfully funny hero Ash Williams.

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