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The Geekly with a Twist: September 21st-27th

Woohoo! We’ve made it! After a particularily…interesting week…it’s finally Friday. I’m keeping my little rant short, as I’ve got some more Once Upon a Time to watch (yeah, it finally hit Netflix…yay!). Onward with the history!

September 21st, 1965: A man known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings, Van Helsing, and 300, David Wenham is born in Marrickville, a suburb of Sydney (Australia…duh!).

September 21st, 1990: The hilarious and gorgeous young woman known for her role as Claudia Donovan in Warehouse 13, Allison Scagliotti is born in Monterey, California.

September 22nd, 1791: Scientific pioneer Michael Faraday, called by Ernest Rutherford “one of the greatest scientific discoverers of all time,” is born in Newington Butts, England.

September 22nd, 1978: The American Tolkien Society officially proclaims Hobbit Day (as a part of Tolkien Week). The 22nd is used because it is the named birthday of both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins (though, in actuality, it would likely be September 12th or 14th on the Gregorian calendar).

September 22nd, 1981: Actress, self-proclaimed geek, and the force behind Her Universe (no pun intended there), Ashley Eckstein is born in Louisville, Kentucky. (For those of you that didn’t know, I interviewed the eloquent Mrs. Eckstein back in July of last year, when the site still only had Star Wars merchandise.  Ignoring my nervousness, it’s a pretty good interview.)

September 22nd, 1982: Billie Piper, or Rose Tyler to Doctor fans, is born in Swindon in southwest England.

September 22nd, 1987: Tom Felton, a name known by many fangirls of Harry Potter-dom, is born in Epsom in southern England.

September 23rd, 1889: Nintendo is founded (originally as Nintendo Koppai) in Kyoto, Japan. They marketed, at first, a playing card game called Hanafuda(“flower cards”).

September 23rd, 1956: Peter David, the amazing “Writer of Stuff” (stuff being everything from novels and scripts to an award-winning 12 year run on The Incredible Hulk), is born in Fort Meade, Maryland.

September 24th, 1930: The first person to orbit the moon alone, the first person to have six spaceflights, and the only person to have piloted four different classes of spacecraft (as well as the man with the longest career of any astronaut), John Young is born in San Francisco, California.

September 24th, 1934: Hugo and BSFA award-winning science fiction writer John Brunner is born in Oxfordshire (yes, England).

September 26th, 1946: Louise Simonson, the editor, writer, and colorist behind major works such as X-Factor and Superman: The Man of Steel, is born in Atlanta, Georgia.

September 27th, 1951: A man who has served as editor in chief at Marvel (with a rocky goodbye) and Valiant Comics, Jim Shooter is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For more history in geek-ly fashion, check out:

In honor of Mr. David, how about a pretty standard cocktail: The Incredible Hulk?

  • 2 parts Hpnotiq liqueur
  • 2 parts cognac (usually Hennessy brand)

Shake both ingredients over ice and SMASH! Okay, so don’t smash, that would be bad. There’s glass involved.

And, of course, for a lovely Garnish, why not something in Elvish…as it was meant to be. I’m sure most of you have seen it already but…YAY!


So, of course, until next week, geek on!

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