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ARMY OF DARKNESS Pits Ash Against Nazis!

October 26, 2012


You all know how geeked out I get when I get to read the adventures of our dramatically comedic hero Ash Williams. The constant search for the Necronomicon and the wonderful antics Ash takes to get into and out of certain deathly situations. You see in a world of super heroes and super villains there […]

HELLRAISER #18 Passes Mr. Singleton’s Test

October 23, 2012


I remember growing up and I would enjoy going over to my aunt’s house, one because that is where my cousins were, but two because she would let me watch anything I wanted to watch. You see I grew up in a sheltered home and I wasn’t allowed to read comic books or watch horror […]

Mr. Singleton says EXTERMINATION Needs Better Execution

September 26, 2012


EXTERMINATION #4 (Boom! Studios) Written by Simon Spurrier Art Jeffrey Edwards SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99 COVER A: John Cassaday COVER B: Trevor Hairsine Here lately we have been swarmed with Post Apocalyptic scenarios either with flesh eating zombies or the world being taken over by aliens. I am not saying that this swarm has been […]

Mr. Singleton has a Date with Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness

September 20, 2012


Okay, I can’t even begin to describe how geeked out I was just by the title alone. Anything that includes the Army of Darkness, sign me up! A long time ago, when I was in Junior High, I was introduced to horrible frozen Chinese food and The Army of Darkness. The very next morning, as […]

QUEEN SONJA #31 Lights Mr. Singleton’s Fire

September 19, 2012


If you have read any of my previous entries then you understand how much of a fan of artwork I am. Artwork is a dimensional character that can either help or hurt a story. If the artwork is lame, the story can tend to be lame, if the story has elements that cannot be explained […]

Mr. Singleton’s Thrilling Trip to URSA MINOR

September 9, 2012


I could sum this book up in one word, I could keep this nice and simple, probably down to a couple of lines and we could all go about our business. I could, but that wouldn’t be any fun. You didn’t come here to see me write “good book, go read it”. NO, you came […]


September 3, 2012


This series is not for the youngsters…those under 18 need not apply. So let’s go ahead and jump into the stereotypes of Executive Assistants being dressed in provocative clothing and wear way too much makeup. I will be honest with you, I am not a fan of the stereotype. I will put that aside and […]

For Mr. Singleton, VAMPIRELLA #19 Has No Bite

July 29, 2012


I get the whole Vampire movement right now. I can see where people are fascinated with the dark world of eternal life. What I don’t like are books or a series that stray from the traditional rules: no day walking (unless you’re talking about Blade, who is the only exception to this rule!), Vampires do not […]

Mr. Singleton Feels the SOULFIRE POWER

July 28, 2012


“Cool!” that is exactly what came out of my mouth when I saw that I had another book in the Soulfire series to read. I absolutely enjoyed the last one so much that I was counting down the minutes until I was able to review the next book. It was like that Christmas morning when […]

Mr. Singleton: PROPHECY’s Devil Is Not In the Details

July 23, 2012


Okay, I have hesitated long enough, I mean there is only so much “putting it off” a guy can do. Honestly, I had no idea what Prophecy was going to be about. I actually judged a book by its cover. Vlad Vampire, Red Sonja and a dead Vampirella…seriously? Yep, seriously. So we find some time […]

Mr. Singleton Says You Should Have “Faith” in Soulfire

July 16, 2012


Do you remember that summer when you found out you have an incredible gift of super human strength or x-ray vision or maybe you can fly? No?! You either? Well, this comic is one of those. The first time I went through the book I spent more time admiring the fine details in the art […]

RED SONJA #67 “Does Not Disappoint!” Says Mr. Singleton

July 13, 2012


Can I please tell you how geeked out I was when I saw that I could review a Red Sonja book?! I have loved this heroine ever since I saw Brigitte Nielsen play Red Sonja in 1985 of course alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger. But our heroine got her start much earlier than in the movie. Back […]

Breaking In Mr. Singleton with BROKEN PIECES #3 (Aspen)

July 11, 2012


[Editor's Note: Please help us welcome Mr. Singleton to the Gang of Meddling Kids, and stay for the ride as he opines about things comic booky.] Okay, I must say I was lost at first. Not because I don’t understand a statement about a post Apocalypse America, but because we start in the future which […]


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