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Mr Harvey & Mr Adair Go WALKING With The Governor

Season 3 Episode 3 “Walk With Me”

[photos: Gene Page/AMC]

Timothy: Ladies and Gentlemen! Join us for Mr. Adair and my special Halloween edition review/recap/commentary of AMC’s The Walking Dead…

Dustin: Okay, so what do we know?

What do we know about what? And I’m talking here.

Yeah, yeah, nobody reads your intros. What we know is that this episode is about Michonne and Andrea. Because I predicted it LAST week.

What do you mean, nobody reads… oh nevermind. Yes, we do know that, because of the preview for this week that we saw last week. I’m not giving you that one.


Uh huh. Seriously folks, beyond this point are SPOILERS for the episode and opinions and language for adult audiences, just like the show we’re talking about. This would be your warning.

Now, by all means, do proceed, please.

So what do I think will happen THIS week? Well, here goes:

  • Merle will appear this episode, people who are idiots will be excited about this, but those of us in the know will realize that Merle is just an outlet for all the racist, misogynistic, and homophobic stuff the writers obviously WISH they could say but can’t.

Might be a touch harsh there.


Sigh. Go on.

  • Andrea will get a lozenge for her scratchy throat.
  • Andrea will be SUPER EXCITED to be in Greenberg, or Greenville, or whatever, but Michonne will not.
  • The Governor will be way hotter in the TV show than he was in the comic.
  • Gladiator battles.

Wait … what?

Shhhh, it’s starting.

So apparently there is still a military, as there is a helicopter , but it doesn’t take very good care of its stuff, because the helicopter goes immediately down.

Andrea and Michonne see the smoke and decide to investigate, without using words, because their vagina love operates on a higher frequency. .

Comic Book Men is the worst thing to ever happen to television. Worse than Honey Boo Boo. Worse than the real Housewives of Anywhere.  

Not sure about that, but yeah, I fail to see the appeal, and I’m a comic geek.

At the crash site, Andrea throws up, because remember, she has some sort of undefined cold and flu-like thing. Michonne chains up her pets and heads over to the crash site to look for survivors.

She finds a soldier who has been halved, but sees a truck coming before she can investigate more, she high tails it back to where Andrea is hiding and they watch as men climb down from the trucks.

A walker approaches, but a big guy with a bow and arrow fells it before it gets too close.

The guys are all about the melee weapons. It’s kind of brutal in an awesome way.

They do seem pretty efficient.

They find a survivor, and Michonne and Andrea are passed by a walker who is felled by the men.

The men take the survivor and Michonne and Andrea watch as one of the men, (The Governor, who I will be calling TG from now on for simplicity’s sake, and because I do not know how to spell “Governor” as Anne-Marie points out) puts down one of the walkers who was a soldier. From their angel, they can only see that he stabbed a dead man in the head, this will be important later.  

For the record, it’s spelled “Governor”. Exactly how you spelled it. Or rather, how Spell Check fixed it for you.

Hush you.

Michonne’s pets are really aggravated, and they draw the attention of the men. Michonne kills them, but it’s way too late, I’m thinking.

The men prepare to leave, but Michonne and Andrea have been discovered…

By Merle. I hate this show.  

Oh, and he has some sort of robo-hand that I hate.

Andrea and Michonne are taken blindfolded to Greenville or Greenburg or whatever. During the drive, Andrea sees through her blindfold, walkers hanging from trees and the like as inside the vehicle, TG and someone else discuss Andrea’s condition, or at least that’s what I think is happening, because EVERYONE IN THE ROOM IS TALKING!!  


Andrea gets her lozenge. She asks the Doctor to let her go, but the Doctor is not having it. No one will even tell Michonne and Andrea where they are.  

Merle comes in, he is horrible to everyone. I hate him and he is awful this is nothing against Michael Rooker; he’s a great actor, I just hate everything that this character represents. He is literally the worst stereotype of what a southern man is or can be. Everything he says or does is just to show how ignorant southerners can be. He’s not an effective villain, and besides that, he is, as I said earlier just a mouthpiece for all the vile stuff the writers wish they could make the other characters say. And I am not making this up because if you’ll remember, this whole show is an ensemble and the only black character has been called “T-Dawg” for three seasons, and had, what about 6 lines? And most of those lines have been this season. And let’s not forget how they have treated the female characters on this show, how they dumbed down Andrea for 1 and a half seasons and how completely insufferable they have made Lori. OH!! And then there is the gay thing! 2 of the prisoners last week should have been gay, in fact the leader of the surviving prisoners had a male lover, and was supposed to be black! I am not making this up, this show would be full of MORE racism, sexism and homophobia if it could be, but it can’t, so therefore: Merle. And people love him. It makes me sick.

Right. While Dustin is coming down from his rant, lets take a look at some of his argument here. I’m going to come back to Merle in a moment, so let’s start with Theodore, or “T-Dog”. You may have noticed that Dustin and I have referred to the character as Theodore for the run of the show, and have always brought attention to the moments, and sadly, they have only been moments, where the character has had a chance to take center stage. Why? Well, we like the actor for one, and think IronE Singleton is worth watching. What we don’t like is the way that pretty much every other character in the show has been given a LOT to do except for Theodore, who usually seems to rate about a line an episode.

He seems to be something of a stand-in for one of the major African-American character of the comic series, although the two have pretty much nothing in common. In the comic, Tyrese is a major part of the storyline, and indeed, a central character. He is a father like Rick, and the tragic arc of his daughter and the effect on Tyrese is pretty gut-wrenching. Why the creators of the show decided to abandon that character for, and all apologies to Mr. Singleton, such a slight one as T-Dog, is confusing. Also confusing is the way that women in the show have been written, with the exception of Carol, whom I think is being handled quite well, as Lori and Andrea are really quite different from their comic versions. Of course these characters are going to be changed for TV, we know that. But Lori has been written so horribly for so long, and Andrea has been hit and miss… again, not a slight on the actresses, especially Sarah Wayne Callies, who is quite good as Lori, it’s just the way she’s written we hate. And we are huge fans of Lori Holden. But so often the women in the show are written so badly… ok, if you’ve been reading us for any length of time, we’ve been complaining about all the writing for a while, but Lori and Theodore have really taken it in the teeth here.

And yes, there are homosexual characters in the comics that have not appeared in the show, some more obviously than others. Personally I think the fact that the prison story arc was HUGELY compressed into one episode meant we lost pretty much all the character development of every one of the prisoners. The leader of the prisoners in the comic is a black man named Dexter, who seems to have turned into Tomas, sort of. He’s in a relationship with Andrew, who appears in the show too, although he seems to be killed by Rick, and if he was meant to be in a relationship with Tomas, well, neither man had enough screen time or depth to get into that.

And then there is Merle. Ok, first of all, ALL of these characters are supposed to be Southerners, and ignoring the racist characters from the South, well, that’s as unrealistic as making all of them racists. Like everywhere else, they are a mix of good and bad, and Merle is definitely the bad. That he was written so obviously awful and hateful and so much a stereotype is the biggest problem, and apparently there are people who really love this awful, awful man. We don’t. Because at the end of the day, he isn’t really an effective villain, and just comes across as a sloppily written stereotype. And yes, we know that Daryl started out the same way. He was given the time to develop into a three-dimensional character, and unless Merle is too, well…

What was I talking about again? Oh, right. The show.

Merle asks after Daryl and Andrea tells him she has not seen him in months.

Merle still has a bone to pick with Rick. Andrea tries to explain things, how they tried to go back for him but by the time they got there he was already gone… well, most of him was. She then lists all the people who are dead now, Merle tries to pretend he has any kind of sympathy for anything.

I don’t know, something about Merle is bothering me. Yes, he’s unpleasant, and yes he’s a jerk to the ladies here, but it’s almost like he’s not unpleasant enough. He says he’s sorry to hear that Andrea’s sister died, and actually calls her a good kid or something like that. Yeah, he has a serious Rick-hate, but that is to be expected… I don’t know, it’s like Merle-lite.

Andrea is basically spilling the beans while Michonne looks on with a SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT look on her face.

I’m wondering what the script looks like here…

Page 6

Michonne glares.

I literally laughed out loud and pointed at the screen.

Merle tells them that he saved them and he wants a thank you.

Michonne tells him to f off.

Then Merle monologues like this is season one.

Well, he did miss out. Clearly he has to make up for lost time.

Andrea finally thanks him to shut him the hell up.

Page 7.

Michonne glares.

TG enters and Andrea and Michonne ask to leave. Michonne demands her weapons, and TG tells them that they are allowed to leave whenever they want.  

Page 8.

Michonne glares.

Oh, Andrea and Michonne didn’t know that everyone is infected with the zombiness, that’s why they were so horrified to see TG stab those guys at the head back at the helicopter.

And we were like, “Ohhhhhhh!”

Andrea and Michonne are told they can leave whenever they want but he suggests that they stay, at least until Andrea is back at 100%. Well, he seems perfectly reasonable, I don’t know how this could go wrong.

Yes, clearly he has their best interests at heart.

He opens the door and welcomes them to Woodbury!! That’s the name of the town. I had forgotten.

Even thought he has just told them that Andrea needs to rest, he takes them on a tour of the community. There are guards and gates and it looks very secure. Merle is in charge of the watchmen.

Andrea asks if they are military and TG tells them, no, they are not. They are just regular citizens who have taken up arms to protect themselves. She marvels that the town is so secured. When someone calls TG “Governor” Andrea asks him what that is all about.

Michonne is the queen o’ the side-eye. We are so married.

Page 9.

Michonne turns and glares.

 “Some nicknames just stick” He answers.

“Buzz is a nickname, Governor is a title” Andrea retorts. 

Then he takes them to a nice hotel room. (It only has one bed.) He tells them they are safe and Michonne is having exactly none of it.

Page 10.

Michonne glares.

Andrea asks about the pilot, but TG rebuffs that question.

I think I may like The Governor, you guys, he seems like a stand up sort of fellow.

Oh yes, uh huh.

The next day, Michonne and Andrea are given a tour by a very lovely young woman. She tells them that the town is basically secure and it’s all to do with how awesome TG is. Andrea looks like she is about ready to sign a lease, but Michonne is not convinced.

Page 11.

Michonne glares.

Meanwhile, back at the infirmary, the pilot tells TG about how his military base was overrun in a panic after a few people were infected and finally everyone died. The pilot had about 6 other guys with him when he took the chopper up to scout ahead. TG sends the doctor away and asks where the rest of his men are and promises him that he will go and find them.

He seems so sincere, and yet so obviously he’s lying.

TG walks through town and enters a bunker were Merle and an Egg Head are holed up. Apparently Egg Head and Merle were arguing when TG showed up, and after putting Merle in his place, TG asks about Andrea. Merle whines about his hand a little and then TG tells him to go talk Andrea again. After he leaves, TG and Egg Head talk about Michonne’s pets, which the Egg Head has on a table. He touts Michonne’s ingenuity in creating camouflage.

I’m sure she’d be pleased to hear it.

Egg Head says that without being able to eat, or having the ability to eat, the pets became docile. TG calls them workers, but Egg Head kind of turns his nose up at that idea. Egg Head also says that without the ability to eat, the pets were slowly starving. What that means, I could not begin to tell you.

Egg Head gives TG some tea and then they talk about how terrible Merle is. Egg Head says he would like to talk to Andrea and Michonne.  

Apparently, Michonne and Andrea were out there alone for 8 months.

Let’s do a little The Walking Dead Math, shall we? We know from the prisoners last week that the Zombie Apocalypse has only really been going on for about 10 months, and Rick was in the hospital for a month before he woke up, so that means that the first 2 seasons all took place over one month? 4 weeks? I don’t think that is possible.

Oh Walking Dead, how you don’t care about time. It’s so damn frustrating. And insulting to the audience. Seriously insulting, it’s like the writers don’t even care about being consistent. GAH!

TG , Egg Head, Andrea and Michonne all sit down for breakfast together. Michonne sees her sword on the wall and she wants. Now.

Page 20.

Michonne glares.

Egg Head all sorts of stupid “Zombie 101” questions. Egg Head is terrible, and he’s a little prissy. I bet he’s going to end up being gay and I’m going to have a whole other rant later. He offers everyone at the table tea about five times and keeps playing with the tea-pot. In fact, the camera lingers on the teas set for a few seconds, which leads me to believe that it’s going to become important later.

Egg Head asks who the pets were and Michonne is having exactly NONE of this.

Page 21.

Michonne turns and glares.

On the other hand, Andrea wants to be Chatty Cathy, asking TG if he thinks that the settlement will hold. TG says that he thinks their strong walls will keep them safe. Andrea counters, saying that the pilot had strong walls and we all know what ended up happening there. We all know? Really? I don’t remember you being in the room while TG questions the pilot, Andrea. Perhaps, Andrea has been hiding her psychic powers for the last 2 seasons.  

Then we get a monologue about how we are part of a community and the men are there to protect us. Every time TG says ‘men’ Anne-Marie says ‘men’ in a condescending voice.

Page 22.

Anne-Marie glares.

Oh, I just got such a look…

TG says that you reap what you sow and talks about taking back civilization. If Michonne could set people on fire with her glare TG’s head would be in flames.

Do I need to say it?

Andrea toasts to civilization, AND DRINKS HER TEA!! This better come back to mean something.

Anne-Marie thinks the tea is poisoned or drugged.

Michonne asks for their weapons and TG says they can have them but on their way out of town.

Out on the street, Michonne says she doesn’t trust TG. Andrea and Michonne talk about how their outlooks on life are so vastly different. Andrea says that in the 7 months (it’s 7 now?) they have been together, Andrea has told her everything about herself, yet Michonne has told her nothing. Michonne says that Andrea knows what she needs to know, essentially that she can trust her, but Andrea gets all butt hurt and stomps off.

7 months, 8 months, a winter… time, it’s all relative. Clearly.

Andrea is totally the wife in this relationship, you guys.   

Meanwhile they are being watched by one of TG’s guys. Does he smell  trouble in paradise?

Meanwhile meanwhile, TG goes to where the soldier’s group was waiting for the chopper to return. TG tells them that the pilot is alive and sent him to come and get them.

Then he kills the hell out of them!!

Which seems a little unnecessary to me. The Governor does a John Woo walk through the chaos as his men shoot all the soldiers from the tree line. Then he takes one of the soldier’s guns and bashes in his brains. He looks like he had an orgasm after. It. Is pretty gross.  

Seriously, that’s the only way to describe it. It’s really disturbing. Methinks the Governor is less than well-adjusted.

TG’s men arrive and look! TG has his own Glenn! Did they like, hand that guy out to all the groups of rag tag survivors at the beginning of infestation or something. I will say, that TG’s does not look as well cared for as Rick’s. TG sends his Glenn to pick up the weapons when a surviving soldier decides to prove that he is an idiot and make a break for it.

TG shoots him in the back then sends his Glenn over there to stab him in the head.

So it turns out The Governor is kind of a dick. I bet no one saw that one coming.  

Shocked, shocked I am!

Anne-Marie says at least we don’t have to deal with Lori this week. Truer words, Anne-Marie, truer words.  

Back in Woodbury, TG arrives with all the stuff that he ((ahem)) confiscated from the soldiers. The townsfolk look pleased. Andrea is all smiles, Egg Head is sad, Michonne is moody.  

TG gives a speech about how the pilot was hurt and how he went out and tried to save those guys and how they were all dead before they got there. Andrea is all sad, but Michonne can smell BS from 90 miles away.

I will say, Andrea does look particularly dewy. As TG walks away, she asks him if there is anything she can do to help out around Woodbury. Anne-Marie says Andrea wants TG to put a baby inside her. She grumbles under her breath about their flirting until the scene is over.

I have to agree with her, Andrea does has a way of glomming onto the strongest man she can find and wrapping her vagina around him (more writer wish fulfillment if you ask me.) I will say, I think she and Michonne make a better couple.

Andrea asks TG what his real name is.   TG looks at her with a smile on his face and says that he never tells anyone his real name. Andrea says ‘never say never’ and The Governor smiles a very sexy half smile and says “Never” before he walks away.

Ye gods. Seriously?

Yep, she will be jumping on that in the next couple of episodes.

Back at TG’s place there is a naked girl in his bed and a picture of a family on the wall. TG opens a locked door and goes into a dark room. The dark room has a leather chair. He sits the chair and contemplates his drink as he looks at…


Including the pilot and Michonne’s pets.


Oh yes, definitely well-adjusted. Good lord, look at his expression… kids, the crazy is at home in this guy.
Of course, the question is, is he as messed up as he is in the comic? Time, screwed up as it is in this show, will tell.

So! Let’s take a look at your predictions O Dusto.

The Magnificent!

We’ll see. Number 1! Yep, Merle is here, and although I think he’s strangely mild, at least for Merle, he is pretty awful. One for you.

I told you.

Yes, you did. Number 2! You get half there.


Yessir. Andrea did not, in fact, get a lozenge. She got antibiotics.

Can I get a ruling from the judges on that?

No. Number 3! You get this one too, as our fearless duo react to the town as expected. Andrea gushes, Michonne glares. Michonne, in fact, has perfected the glare.


Mmm hmm. Number 4! Well this was a gimme really. David Morrissey is a fairly famous British leading man, so he’s automatically better looking than the comic’s Governor. Although I hear he’s going to get ugly pretty quick. So another one for you.

Of course.

Number 5! And no. There were no gladiator battles this week. Maybe next week. Probably not.

Still, did pretty well, didn’t I?

Yes you did. Your best week ever I think. Had a lot of easy ones, especially if you watched last weeks trailer for this episode, but hey.

I hate you.

Your hate keeps me warm sir.

And that’s all the time we have folks! We hope you have a great Halloween, and we’ll see you… what?

The lesson of the week?

Oh, right. This week… hmmm. Remember kids, Monologuing Disease is a serious condition. Not even Merle can escape it. Get your vacinations today!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


[Official Show Site at AMC]     [Previous Recap: “Sick”]


Timothy Harvey

Timothy Harvey is a Kansas City based writer, director, actor and editor, with something of a passion for film noir movies. He was the art director for the horror films American Maniacs, Blood of Me, and the pilot for the science fiction series Paradox City. His own short films include the Noir Trilogy, 9 1/2 Years, The Statement of Randolph Carter - adapted for the screen by Jason Hunt - and the music video for IAMEVE’s Temptress. He’s a former President and board member for the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City, and has served on the board of Film Society KC.

3 thoughts on “Mr Harvey & Mr Adair Go WALKING With The Governor

  • Two comments: 1) Obviously, the writers don’t include homosexual relationships in the storylines. This is a family show! But on a serious note, 2) I would argue that if you despise Merle as much as you guys say you do, then he is in fact an effective villain. Some villains you love, some you hate, but they should all elicit strong reactions. One girl’s opinion, anyway…

  • Thank you for the comment! Love to hear from our readers.
    1) Haha “Family show”! 😉
    2) I would agree that Merle elicits a strong reaction, sure, but it’s not because of his effectiveness as a villain. Walking stereotypes are rarely effective characters in drama series, and because he is such a mass of them, it’s not the villain we hate, it’s the poor way he’s been written. Now, as I wrote, he seems a little different this episode, so we’ll see. I think he can still be an unpleasant, bigoted character and be written well.

  • Agree with your bit about Merle being a bit docile. Either he’s biding his time to do something to make things better for himself, or he just plain knows TG is one dangerous psychopath. If it’s the latter, and Merle’s going to remain this meek with no other motives or plans, they shouldn’t have bothered to bring him back at all.


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