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BREAKING: Trailer for Forsaken World Exclusive Chains of Kluer

I just saw a trailer for a new free-to-play MMORPG, from Perfect World Entertainment.

It features a bald man fighting a big troll in a blizzard. Then it shows some really short snippets of game play. It is set to come out August 20.


Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
Release: 8/2011
Genre: MMO/RPG
Platform: PC
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Forsaken World highlights our commitment to bringing the highest quality, free-to-play gaming experience to North America. We have been working with developers from around the world to create a new and exciting experience that aims/strives to appeal to players everywhere,” said Yoon Im, General Manager of Perfect World Entertainment. “We are very excited to be unveiling the teaser site for Forsaken World. This is our first game designed specifically with the Western market in mind and we have high expectations for its success.”

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