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AN ELYSIAN TAIL Leaves G-Man in the Dust

August 23, 2012


With the summer Xbox Live Arcade event over, the dust has finally settled. I personally found most of the games this year lacking but Dust: An Elysian Tail definitely makes up for it. I remember seeing a trailer for this game in 2009, when it won the 2009 Dream Build Play Competition. I recall being […]

MINECRAFT 1.8 is Here, and G-Man Takes a Look

September 23, 2011


There’s a new update for Minecraft, and it’s time to celebrate with this tour of the new 1.8!

G-Man’s Game Tutorial: MINECRAFT

September 7, 2011


Ready to hit the mines? G-Man Garret has this video to help you get started on your MINECRAFT adventures. Here you will learn to make tools, make torches, make shelters and learn how to mine for coal. >>> [Minecraft site]

Gabe Newell: We Want EA back on Steam

August 28, 2011


For many years Steam has been the number one choice in down loadable games for PC. With their large selection of games and many great new features Steam has risen to the top. Now Steam has a new competitor and it’s name is Origin. To help Origin stand a chance against Steam, EA is no […]


August 10, 2011


Garret takes a look at the new Metroid game, Zero Mission, from Nintendo.

Review of Sonic Adventure

July 29, 2011


Mr. Ades shares his thoughts on the new Sonic Adventure:  

GAMING Roundup 7.21.11

July 21, 2011


Saints Row the Third platinum pack details Details have recently been announced for the  Saints Row the Third platinum pack. This edition includes a pair of high quality headphones inspired by the “Premiere Pimp of Saints Row” (note the headset is NOT compatible with Xbox Live/PSN). Professor Genki Hyper Ordinary pre-oder pack is included in […]

BREAKING: Trailer for Forsaken World Exclusive Chains of Kluer

July 18, 2011


I just saw a trailer for a new free-to-play MMORPG, from Perfect World Entertainment. It features a bald man fighting a big troll in a blizzard. Then it shows some really short snippets of game play. It is set to come out August 20. Developer: Perfect World Entertainment Release: 8/2011 Genre: MMO/RPG Platform: PC Publisher: Perfect World […]

Activision Launches Call of Duty Elite Beta

July 16, 2011


Call of Duty Elite beta launched July 14. Call of Duty Elite is a player statistical tracking services for Call of Duty Black Ops. Many of the features will be free. These features include; player stat tracking, player vs. player comparison, heat maps (heat maps are visual representations of average player deaths based upon locations […]


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