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Episode 10.2 “Reichenbach”

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Things are heating up for the Winchesters. Lots to be said, not a lot of time. So let’s get started.

Dean Winchester. The demon brother is out of control. He’s doing whatever he wants. Dean is a version of himself with no guilt and no conscience, and while it might have been nice to see this character so free, it’s just a little scary to see him without all the things that made him so human. We get a chance to see how he is becoming one of the things he used to spend his everyday hunting. Sam is left tracking him just the way the two of them used to hunt monsters.

It’s hard to hate Dean though. I can’t condone killing, but Lester with his big dumb mustache was asking for that punch to the face. Although it wasn’t the nicest thing, I think it showed that there was some scrap of human left. At least Dean knew a scumbag when he saw him. Dean might still have a chance. On the other hand, I knew when Dean let Cole live it wasn’t mercy. He wanted to make him live with the horror that he’d worked his whole like to get revenge and failed so miserably. Dean has a long season ahead of him, whatever happens.

Crowley hasn’t been dumped in a while and it’s funny how much it shows. Can’t deal with Dean dumping him. One more time our King of Hell escapes with his life. By now I think Crowley expects to be spared. He and the Winchesters have worked together and against each other in a push and pull that pretty much balances out. I’m sure he would like to go without the threats, but he’s got to realize that by now most of them are empty. At least as long as it takes for the Winchesters to work through their other problems.


Not that I blame Sam; Crowley isn’t really hurting anyone any more than usual. Right now, I think focusing on Crowley would be a pretty dumb move. Mending the family and getting back to hunting should really be the younger Winchester’s focus at this point. Crowley is still trying to rebuild from where he is. Also, I don’t see any reason he would have to mess with the Winchesters right now. They aren’t really bothering him, either. For the time being, focusing on Crowley would just make a big mess bigger.

Sam is trying so hard, I almost feel bad for the moose. I think Sam is totally right in wanting his brother back, but I’m not really sure he is going about it in the right way. Dean doesn’t want to be saved; from where I stand, I don’t think he knows what he wants. Dean just can’t pick a side. That being said, Sam doesn’t really have a good approach he can take to help his big brother either. What is he supposed to do? Force Dean to become human again? Is he supposed to talk with Dean until he suddenly has a change of heart? I don’t think so. At the same time, Sam just can’t let his brother run wild. And without a way to help Dean, Sam is about as stuck as his brother. I can’t blame Sam for trying his hardest. But I just hope he doesn’t think things will suddenly be all better. Things are never that easy for the boys.


And poor Castiel. My poor baby angel. He must have walked under a ladder or something, because his luck is not really in existence at this point. It really isn’t a good idea for him to push himself more than he can handle. Cas can’t handle all the wear and tear that the work he’s trying to do requires. I get the feeling that maybe all he is doing has as much to do with teaching Hannah as it does with helping the Winchesters. Seeing Hannah must remind him of when he was like a little child with the Winchesters. It’s a little strange to see him so human. He knows how to act and what to say now, so people don’t see anything strange about him and Hannah. He’s helping her find the way in the strange human world while she protects him in his fragile state. I respect that she cares about Castiel; that’s pretty clear, but I really don’t like the kind of sexual or romantic tension they are trying to force between the two. Cas is her mentor, her brother, her friend. She is the student, the protector, and the sister right now. Beyond that, Cas can’t worry about some romantic relationship. His family is in danger, his own life is waning, and without a doubt a storm is brewing to keep Cas and the Winchesters busy.

While I do understand that Hannah only meant well, I couldn’t believe she thought going to Metatron would help. Cas spent all the time he could to get rid of Metatron after he was betrayed by him. Metatron almost destroyed everything. He is greedy, he is evil and he is not someone that should be let out of Heaven’s prison. I don’t understand why she would think it could be a good idea to even go visit him. Cas made it very clear letting him out, even for his grace, wasn’t even close to what he wanted. I don’t think he is ready to die. But if it came to it, he’d die before he let Metatron loose. Cas has worked so hard to get a kind of order back to Heaven and he put a lot of the blame for the disarray it came to on his own shoulders. Castiel has worked far to hard to let all of it go to waste again.

Surprised it took Cole that long to understand what Dean is. I want to know more still. Why did Dean kill Cole’s dad? Baby Dean wouldn’t have just done it for fun. I can’t say I remember that happening. But it was obviously a much younger Dean that killed Cole’s father. Based just on the flashback, Dean looked the age he was when Dean and Sam’s hunt began. That Dean was especially about saving people so there has got to be a reason for that killing.

The flashback bothered me a bit though. As I said, Dean looked pretty young. Since then a whole lot has gone on with the Winchesters. Plenty of publicity and plenty of people seeing them around. Between the conventions, the books, the Ghostfacers even, you would think that somehow Cole would have found him before. It doesn’t make sense that a random video from a seemingly random killing in some small town would make it to Cole rather that something that was published and put out for all to see. I’m hoping that the writers come up with a reason that Cole just now found Dean that makes sense. Guess it’s just up to us to wait and see.

This was a great episode, and it just got me even more hyped to see what comes next. I feel like it vastly improved from last week’s. I got to smile and be upset and wonder what is next for my boys.

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