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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Sunset and Departures

May 14, 2012


The last two episodes of the season! And Dustin & Molly share their reactions. Episode 321 “Before Sunset” ____________________ Episode 322 “The Departed” [SEASON FINALE] _________________ [Official Show Twitter Account]   [Official Show Site on CW]     About these ads


April 27, 2012


Dustin and Molly continue to watch The Vampire Diaries as part of Reviews for Humans (which you can catch at YouTube). Episode 319 “Heart of Darkness” DELENA DELENA DELENA – That is all we need to say about this week’s episode, but if you want to know more, watch this recap!! _________________ Episode 320 “Do Not […]

BEING HUMAN’s Dinner Party

April 1, 2012


Episode 211 “Don’t Fear the Scott” Dustin and Molly give you their perspective on this episode. Sally is doing her best to ignore “Reaper Scott” and she has a little help from a walking existential crisis, aka Nora. DINNER PARTY!! The gang + Julia+Suren+food=hilarity!

Arresting Developments on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

March 21, 2012


Episode 315 “1912″ Reviews for Humans recaps this episode – with flashbacks and crazy people, that about sums it up. We also discuss Alaric’s future; will he be leaving Mystic Falls forever? Enjoy!!!

Dustin and Molly: BEING HUMAN Needs Definition

February 10, 2012


Reviews for Humans (Find us on Facebook here) continues on with episode 204 of the SyFy show.  They want to understand Aidan better.  Josh meets some new pals and Sally is all conflicted (what’s new?).  Check out the “Being Human” dolls in their soon to be famous scene of the week segment!! _________________________________________________ [Official Site at Syfy]


February 2, 2012


BEING HUMAN Episode 203 “All Out of Blood” Dustin and Molly continue their Being Human coverage for all of you humans out there. Josh and Nora wolf out in solitary confinement. Sally’s still being chased by that ooky monster & wants a new life. Aidan is in for a surprise with the identity of his […]

Being Human with our Vampire Diaries

January 26, 2012


Dustin and Molly of “Reviews for Humans” [] have taken on recapping two shows a week for!  Being Human on Monday nights at 8/9c on Syfy and The Vampire Diaries, Thursdays at 7/8c on the CW.  Catch their latest recaps below!! The Vampire Diaries episode 212 >>> Being Human episode 202 >>> official sites here […]


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