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The Geekly with a Twist: January 25th-31st

Did you know that a happy Lush is a productive Lush? No? Well, learn this now! Happy Lushes are amazing. Okay, so maybe I’ve had too much caffeine and hockey in the past few days, but, still, look! I’m on time!! Maybe there’s something to that violent combination. So, without too much more rambling, onward with the history!

January 25th, 1973: Noted comic book writer and Chief Creative Officer over at DC Comics, Geoff Johns is born in Detroit, Michigan.

January 25, 2004: The Opportunity Rover lands on Mars.

January 26th, 1936: “Our Pal Sal:” the artist known for his ten year run on The Incredible Hulk, Sal Buscema is born in New York City.

January 26th, 1918: Philip José Farmer (the author of Riverworld) is born in Terre Haute, Indiana.

January 27th, 1954: The co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Peter Laird is born in North Adams, Massachusetts.

January 27th, 1965: Alan Cumming, the brilliant thespian noted in the SciFi community for his role as Nightcrawler in the X-Men franchise, is born in Aberfeldy, Scotland.

January 27th, 1967: A cabin fire during a launch pad test for Apollo 1 kills all three crew members- Gus Grissom, Edward H. White, and Roger B. Chaffee.

January 27th, 1969: Noted comedian, actor, writer, and geek Patton Oswalt is born in Portsmouth, Virginia.

January 30th, 1924: Lloyd Alexander, the author responsible for The Chronicles of Prydain, is born in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

January 30th, 1925: Computer scientist, inventor, and internet pioneer Douglas Engelbart is born in Portland, Oregon.

January 31st, 1958: Explorer 1, the first Earth satellite of the United States, is launched from Cape Canaveral.

January 31st, 1960: Talented comic book writer Grant Morrison is born in Glasgow, Scotland.

January 31st, 1961: Mercury-Redstone 2 is launched from Cape Canaveral. Aboard was Ham, the chimpanzee, the first chimpanzee launched into space by the American space program.

January 31st, 1966: The first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on the Moon (or any other planetary body besides the Earth), Luna 9 is launched by the Soviet Union.

How about a bit of a flashback? For more geeky history, check out:

For your Twist, how about a little mutated indulgence? Specifically, a Ninja Turtle?

  • 2 parts gin
  • 1 part blue curacao
  • orange juice

Mix all three ingredients in a tall glass. Serve garnished with green rimming sugar and nunchucks. (So I was always a Michelangelo girl, so what?)

So, of course, to throw a Garnish on THIS sucker, check out the Planet Comicon homepage! That’s right, con season is coming up and the new-and-improved Planet Comicon is the home of SciFi4Me and OHMYGODADAMBALDWINANDPETERMAYHEWWILLBETHERE! And, really, well, lots of other announcements keep coming out from day to day. Scott Snyder! Lee Meriwether! OHMYGODISITAPRILYET?!

So, yeah, head on over and until next week, geek on! (Also, you should probably get working on that new costume…the season will be here before you know it!)

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