The Geekly with a Twist: January 20th-26th

Heyo everyone and welcome to the weekly installment of your Geekly history…currently still free to publish!  I’m sure you all know about the SOPA/PIPA blackout that happened this week (and if you didn’t, what rock are you living under?) but what you might not know is that this very column, despite very cautious attempts to credit images properly and/or use the public domain, very well could be caput if these bills passed.  So, save your Geekly and take action!  Okay, stepping off the soapbox…onward with the history!

January 20th, 1920: He was an actor, not a doctor!  DeForest Kelley is born in Toccoa, Georgia.

January 20th, 1930: The second human being to take a step on the moon, Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. (“Buzz”) is born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey.

January 20th, 1934: A man known amongst the geek community for his wonderful taste in scarves- none other than the Fourth Doctor- Tom Baker is born in Liverpool.

January 20th, 1959: The science fiction drama, “One Step Beyond” (originally named “Alcoa Presents”), airs its first episode on ABC-TV.

January 22nd, 1775: Mathematician, physicist, and main discoverer of electromagnetism  for whom the SI unit of electric current is named after, André-Marie Ampère is born in Lyon, France.

January 22nd, 1940: A man with more notable roles than I can even recount (everything ranging from the original animated LOTR to Harry Potter, voicing The Great Dragon in Merlin to being the first victim in Alien), John Hurt is born in Derbyshire, England.

January 24th, 1986: The Voyager 2 space probe made its closest pass to Uranus.  The probe is responsible for discovering 11 of its 27 moons.

January 26th, 1962: In another stunning mark of technological advances, the Ranger 3 space probe is launched with instruments for the moon.  It never made it to the moon, however…it missed.

So, for your Twist, let’s go with the Dragon theme…especially since the Chinese New Year is coming up (heck yeah for Dragon babies!) with a Purple Dragon.

  • 1 part green tea
  • 1/2 part-1 part vodka
  • 5-6 parts berry juice (suggested includes pomegranate-blueberry juice, but grape juice or other favorites work just fine)

Mix all ingredients over ice in a tall glass.  Enjoy!

And, of course, what would your Twist be without a Garnish?

Recently, upon surfing around, I found a bit of buzz about a film out of Tribeca…The Dungeon Master.  I was intrigued.

The trailer’s up on Vimeo, and their website is killer (including a which D&D character are you? quiz).  Go check it out!

Until next week, geek on!

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