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Article from Titan Magazine's Official Collector's Edition
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Take a Facehugger Home with ALIEN: COVENANT The Official Collector’s Edition

ALIEN: COVENANT has gotten better reviews than its’ predecessor PROMETHEUS. How does the Official Collector’s Edition from Titan Magazines rate?

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Studios Are Going Book Shopping

Studios are fans of nabbing books before they are published for adaptations, mixing the new and the…well…odd with older classics while thinking outside the box.

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#TeamZombie attended a press screener of Ridley Scott’s latest foray into the universe he created over 30 years ago, and Mssrs. Adair & Harvey sit down with Miss Inlow to have a chat about it. It… isn’t pretty.

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ALIEN: COVENANT Is All About The Missed Opportunities

The latest entry into the ALIEN franchise is just about ready to burst out for all to see. Does it live up to the hype? Has Ridley Scott delivered a film worthy of the ALIEN name? Well… in a word, not quite…

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PHOENIX FORGOTTEN Teases On The 20th Anniversary Of The Phoenix Lights

Twenty years ago, three teens disappeared after unexplained lights flew over Phoenix. Now, footage has surfaced, and PHOENIX FORGOTTEN tries to solve the mystery of what really happened.

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Worldcon 74: 2016 Hugo Awards – Live Updates

From the floor of Bartle Hall, home of MidAmeriCon II, SciFi4Me delivers live updates as the winners of the 2016 Hugo Awards are announced.

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