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Michael Sheen and David Tennant Laugh at the End of the World in GOOD OMENS

The end of the world is here…but not if Michael Sheen and David Tennant’s characters have anything to say about it. They’ve just been tapped to star in Amazon’s adaptation of GOOD OMENS.

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LUCIFER: New Season & New Questions

FOX’s Lucifer returns with both the revelation that the Devil has a Mommy, and that both he and Amenadiel are terrified of her. Might be a problem then that she’s escaped from Hell.

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SDCC 2016: The Horror Report

Compiling the news from Comic-Con San Diego can be a daunting task… scary, even! So how about we start with the SDCC horror news?

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H2O #124: In Which We Discuss San Diego Comic-Con 2016

This week, we take on the daunting task of talking intelligently about all the news that came out of San Diego Comic-Con, and we just barely scratch the surface of such talk.

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