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Smallville Comicon Panel: Paul T. Taylor

Paul T. Taylor is a local Kansas boy who grew up to become Pinhead, leader of the Cinobytes in Hellraiser: Judgement.

Paul’s appearance at Smallville was a homecoming for him. He was born and raised in Hutchinson and went to Emporia State University in Emporia, KS to study theater. He now lives in Dallas, TX.

Paul T Taylor talks of Kansas and his role as Pinhead.

Taylor spoke of his love of theater a lot during the panel because of it’s uniqueness. His grandfather was a vaudeville performer and his dad, a dentist, ran the community theater in Hutchinson. He even got to be in a show with his dad.

Then Paul turned to his role as Pinhead in Hellraiser: Judgement.

Paul is a horror fan. He loves the Halloween holiday and loves Hellraiser. He even had all the action figures. He answered a question about how long it took to put the makeup on and said it took two hours to apply and did not allow him to be very expressive. Paul also said that he loved the Hellraiser music score in the past and hopes that the score for his movie will be just as good.

He was also asked about his dream role. Paul said that it would be to create his own horror film. He would also like to be an actor like Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff with lots of different roles in lots of horror films. In addition, he would like to have a regular role on a tv series like The Walking Dead.

Paul closed out the panel by thanking the audience for their support.


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