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SDCC: Deb’s On the Ground!

Have arrived In San Diego at long last!

In search of food in the Gaslamp District yesterday afternoon we met dozens of con-goers roaming the streets just like ourselves who were feeling the anticipatory buzz of being in San Diego pre-con. Scoped out several venues getting ready for the start of the con, including the art gallery just down the street from the convention center with the wild LEGO® statue of “The Flaming C” created by artist Nathan Sawaya already on display.

“COCO-MoCA Presents: The Fine Art of The Flaming C Fan-Art Exhibit, ” looks like a cool place for Conan fans to drop into, as it celebrates O’Brien’s superhero alter ego, and features artwork from fans all over the world.

The Flaming C made from Lego bricks.

The show will have a green screen where visitors will be able to take a photo with The Flaming C, and a paint-by-numbers art piece completed by gallery visitors. It should be open today, and fans can also pick up a poster of The Flaming C, and enter to win prizes! Check it out at 363 Fifth Ave., Suite 102, San Diego.


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