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SciFi4Chicks Gives Thanks for Women of Genre

Women of Genre is about the female characters of some of the Chicks favorite genre books, movies, TV shows and more. Usually we look at one work to discuss how its women fare in the story, how they advance the narrative, and what may be lacking. For this episode, however, we take a cue from the holiday season and give thanks for some of the female characters across all of genre (and a bit beyond) that have influenced us, both personally and culturally. Without some of these characters, where would we be?

Join Angie, Marie, and Heather for Women of Genre with a look at the women we are thankful for, then share your thoughts with the Chicks. Did we thank characters that you also hold in high esteem? Did we expose you to a new and previously unknown character or work? Who are YOU most thankful for? The Chicks have their say. Listen, then share your thoughts with us.

The panel: Angie Sutton, Heather French, Marie Lim.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast so you won’t miss a single episode of Women of Genre. Then stay tuned for upcoming episodes as we look at more female characters across the science fiction/fantasy spectrum from some of our favorite television shows, movies, books, and more. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear. Maybe you could even join the discussion! Upcoming episodes include the women of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and  part two of our discussion about the Women of Doctor Who, the Russell T Davies era. Until then, keep your calls and emails coming!


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