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Roundup: Star Wars

Scouring the Holonet so you don’t have to!

Republic Credits Are No Good Out Here

It may not be legitimate Republic or Imperial currency, but the New Zealand Mint is bringing us the next best thing.  The mint is going to produce a special run of coins; while one side will feature the Queen of England, the reverse side will feature the characters and vehicles of Star Wars!

These coins will feature both Imperial and Rebel Alliance icons, including Han Solo, Yoda, Darth Vader, the Emperor himself, as well as others.  Most of the coins can be bought individually for $19.62 USD a piece.  However, there are also two four-piece sets that can be had for $391.62 per set.  Unlike the silver-plated single coins, the coins exclusive to these sets are “1oz. 999 Silver coins.”  One set is housed in the Millennium Falcon and features hero coins; the other set comes with a case fashioned after Darth Vader’s iconic helmet and features the villains of the Empire.

The prices of these coins are squarely aimed at collectors; however, the single coins featuring specific characters may be worth looking at for the Star Wars fan in your life!

Oh, and one more thing; if you find yourself on the island state of Niue in the South Pacific with only a pocket-full of these, worry not.  That is the only place where they are legal tender (about $2 NZ a piece).

[MORE at Topless Robot]   [BUY at New Zealand Mint]   [photos: New Zealand Mint]

Panasonic Giving Away Star Wars in the UK

If you are a Star Wars fan in the UK eager to get your hands on the upcoming Blu-Ray release, has Panasonic got a deal for you!

To celebrate the release of the Saga on Blu-Ray, Panasonic is offering the original trilogy (aka ‘The Good Movies’) for free to those who purchase select new Blu-Ray players or home theater systems in the UK.  Those who purchase a new player between August 12 and December 31, 2011 are eligible to get their free movies.

Of course, this is a send-in offer so if you are wanting to get your Hi-Def on as soon as the movies release (September 12 in the UK), you might be better off sticking with your preorder.  For those who don’t mind waiting and need a new player, it sounds like a decent deal!

The deal only works for select models of Blu-Ray players, and only available in the UK and the EU (EU residents, be prepared to pay postage).  See the link below for more info and a list of eligible models.

[MORE at Panasonic UK]

New Star Wars Blu-Ray Trailer on the North Ridge!

…or YouTube.  In case you missed it, Lucasfilm released a new trailer for the Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray this past weekend.  It is short but sweet, and offers some tantalizing glimpses of the special features promised with the set.  Check it out below:


Something I noticed that concerned me were the images of the packaging itself.  I would have thought studios would have learned by now that cardboard sleeves aren’t necessarily the best way for fans to store their valued films.

But who cares?  It’s Star Wars!  In HD!  And it’s coming September 16th (Sep. 12th in the UK)!

Celebrate the Holidays LEGO Style

The holiday season is coming up fast; it will be December first before you know it!  LEGO has for several years offered advent calendars in the form of minikits and minifigures, allowing LEGO lovers to count down to Christmas (or the winter holiday of their choice!).  Now you can count down Star Wars style.

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (kit 7958) lets you build one kit every day for 24 days.  The kits include mini-vehicles, minifigures, and even a special ‘Santa’ Yoda.  Even if you don’t celebrate a holiday around the last of December this set offers some unique pieces to add to your LEGO Star Wars collection.

Hurry though.  The set has already jumped to near $60 on Amazon; if Amazon does not get any more in, You may have to start hunting.  Good thing we already got ours!

[BUY at Amazon]

2 thoughts on “Roundup: Star Wars

  • A STAR WARS LEGO Advent Calendar? And here I thought I’d heard of everything. 😀

  • Yep! We just got ours in the mail yesterday (I guess we got one of the last ones on Amazon). It’s going to be a long wait until December! My wife made me hide it so she wouldn’t be tempted 😉


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