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Roundup 8.6.11: Star Wars

Scouring the Holonet so you don’t have to!

Your Other Car May Be an X-Wing…

…but does it have GPS?

Following in Tom-Tom’s footsteps, Garmin now has Star Wars-themed voices available for purchase! These downloadable voice packages for Garmin GPS devices will provide you spoken directions from one of two famous Star Wars characters.

If a Jedi you are, download Yoda’s voice, you should. If you want to know the power of the Dark Side, grab Darth Vader. Does your devotion to the Light or Dark side of the Force depend on your mood? Buy both for twice the price!

Both voice packs also contain their own unique Star Wars vehicle icon; Yoda will get you an X-Wing and Darth Vader includes his X1 TIE Fighter. Now, on the virtual road at least, your other car really can be an X-Wing!

Click below to purchase one or both at $12.99 each. You can find a list of compatible devices on either packs’ purchase page.

[BUY at Garmin]

Get a Sneak Peek at the Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray on iOS Now!

Okay Star Wars fans, here’s where owning that hip iPod, iPhone or iPad really pays off! Fox has finally released their Star Wars Blu-Ray: Early Access app on iOS!

image: iTunes

This free app offers a first look at some of the extras that will be offered when Star Wars releases on Blu-Ray September 16 in the US. Among the extras you will find concept artwork that production used before and during filming. You will also find shots of the prop models used in the movies; some of these also include 360-degree views that you can manipulate with the swipe of a finger.

Finally, there are several behind-the-scenes featurettes where Lucas, the producers and artists discuss what went into the creation of the locations, ships and creatures seen in the Saga. Everything can be shared with your friends and followers via social networks.

You will not find any of the eagerly anticipated deleted scenes here, so you will have to wait until September 16 (September 12 in the UK) to see Luke’s original introductory scene at Anchorhead, or the fabled lightsaber construction scene from Return of the Jedi.

[MORE at iTunes]

Fortunately Public Speaking is One of Those Six Million Forms

Anthony Daniels, the man who sweat his shiny metal hiney off in Tunisia as C-3PO, will be at London’s O2 arena on August 12 to kick off a three-day Star Wars event as part of “Empire Presents…BIG SCREEN!”

Daniels will be joined by Industrial Light and Magic’s John Goodson and Bill George as they take attendees “on a journey behind the scenes of the films while revealing exclusive new content which will be found in the upcoming release of STAR WARS™: THE COMPLETE SAGA on Blu-ray.”

That is just the start, however, as on August 13 Panasonic will be showing off sneak peeks of the Star Wars Blu-Rays in the Star Wars Blu-Ray Lounge. They will be featuring some of the extras that will be part of the Blu-Ray release.

Attendees can also have their picture taken on “part of a replica of a Star Wars set” alongside C-3PO and R2-D2.

If you can make it out to London, the event sounds to be a fun one for Star Wars fans! The event runs from August 12-14. Read more and buy tickets below.

[More at Empire Presets…BIG SCREEN]

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