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ROGUES GALLERY #34: SUPERGIRL Is Better With John Williams, and GOTHAM Is… Gotham


Is Gotham getting any better? Well, no, but some of the Rogues are starting to get a new sense of appreciation for just how crazy it’s gotten — all it takes is lowering expectations. And even though Ann and Jeff like the show, it’s still a bad show for almost everyone else.

Plus: you saw that Supergirl clip, right? Where she and her cousin come to the aid of the space plane? It’s better with John Williams’ music, leading us to discuss whether or not Blake Neely is getting spread a little thin in his work scoring all of the Berlanti shows…

[su_audio url=”http://www.podcasts.com/download/scifi4me-radio-rogues-gallery-1e4979dfe/ROGUES-GALLERY-34-SUPERGIRL-Is-Better-With-John-Williams-and-GOTHAM-Is…-Gotham-394e”]

The panel: Ann Laabs, Dave Margosian, Kendal Sinn, Dustin Adair, Timothy Harvey, Jason Hunt




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