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SciFi4Chicks is not ready for the return of GOTHAM

We are BACK! And more importantly, so is Gotham.

Last we saw them, our precious Jim Gordon has been sent to Arkham, to serve his punishment as a uniformed guard, while his girlfriend decided to reconnect with her girlfriend (and our favorite character of all times) Renee Montoya. Bullock had his bro taken away, Fish was still not playing the game she should be playing, and Penguin… eh, we never know what’s going to happen with Penguin, because the writers don’t know what’s going to happen with Penguin, so why should we?


The panel: Heather French, Alex Callahan.

Tune in for our first podcast after the break, “It’s All in the Game,” and listen to Heather and Alex discuss the new, lighter version of the show we’re presented with. We are thrilled with the guest stars, but disappointed with development of characters we loved the most (really Barbara?). We rant because we care, Renee!

Don’t miss the squee, the analysis and the faith we have in the writers.



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