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Recap: THE LAST SHIP – Allegiance



Episode 405:“Allegiance”
Written by Michael Sussman
Directed by Steven Kane

[photos courtesy TNT]

Slattery (Adam Baldwin) is back safe and sound. Now we need to find out if Chandler (Eric Dane) is staying or going…

Slattery is still suffering from hallucinations, but Doc (Maximiliano Hernandez) reassures him that he is safe on the Nathan James. Miller (Kevin Michael Martin) and Wolf (Bren Foster) are having a conversation. It’s actually the most I’ve heard these characters speak this season, I was enjoying the dialogue. Miller is glad Chandler is back, but afraid he’s just going to run out on them again. Wolf says that if he does, he has every right to, he’s done more than enough to save the country. Azima (Jodie Turner-Smith) finally speaks too! She speaks of why she joined the Nathan James. She joined to fight with Chandler, and he’s returned because it was his destiny. He’s needed again. She spoke with such conviction and hope it made me want to join forces with them! Oh well, I’ll keep my day job.

Azima (Jodie Turner-Smith) setting the boys straight about Chandler’s destiny to come back and her destiny to fight along side him.

In the Nathan James briefing room, intel on Vellek (Peter Weller) is shared. He’s a psycho and they are glad they got away from him. He’s also brilliant, so Chandler has another suggestion. Capture him and make him work for them to fix the crop problem faster. This does not bode well with Meylan (Emerson Brooks). He basically redirects Chandler and tells him the orders are to deliver the seeds to their scientists to do the work. After the room clears Meylan gives Chandler two forms, a presidential pardon and his reinstatement as captain of the Nathan James. I love how Meylan is straight to the point. He is no nonsense and basically tells him to make a decision and make it fast…ship morale and all that.

The crew is definitely divided. Some are happy to see Chandler, others give him awkward almost angry looks. A very interesting exchange of words happens between Kathleen (Jade Chynoweth), Tex’s daughter, and Chandler. All it did was make me miss Tex. She offered Chandler no words of comfort, like father like daughter. More looks continue as Chandler goes to the bridge to help decide whether or not the Nathan James will help a small fishing vessel in distress. They do help, but tension rises as Burk (Jocko Sims) remembers how his brother was injured when a small boy carried an explosive on the base. It’s clear he’s very harsh to the people on board. He’s not trusting and not taking any chances. Their fishing vessel is sinking and the people on board need medical attention and food. They end up boarding the Nathan James.

Turns out they are refugees, but even more interesting is the captain of their vessel knows Fletcher (Jonathan Howard). Apparently, it’s all just a cover. Their captain, Harry (George Georgiou), tells Fletcher that the UK’s deal to work with the Americans is basically over. Harry tells Fletcher that he needs to get the seeds to take back to the UK because they’ve hired a scientist to help them harvest them. Yup, they hired Vellek. They stole Chandler’s idea. Somehow, Fletcher has to steal the seeds to get to Harry before the Nathan James deliver them to the drop off point in Naples.

It’s time get some help getting the seeds to safety. It won’t be from the UK!

I guess Kathleen’s pep talk worked! Chandler shaves his beard! FINALLY! He takes his oath and is now the captain of the Nathan James and I can only hope that his first order is to make all these dudes shave their beards! Good grief! Except Wolf, he can keep his beard. Sasha (Bridget Regan) was also all smiles during her visit to his quarters. She just came convey her happiness to see him back in uniform. It was a nice exchange and seeing as Fletcher may betray them all, it’s perfect timing for Sasha and Chandler to get together.

Sasha (Bridget Regan) listens as Chandler takes his oath.

Slattery is recovering slowly. Doc also has a sample of the nostos tea. He’s going to see if he can break down its ingredients. Slattery said it felt more real than an acid trip and he looks downright sure he’d drink it again if offered. Yikes, that made me feel uneasy. I don’t like seeing Chandler’s rock this unsteady. More intrigue than action in this episode, but it was still all good.

The Last Ship airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on TNT.


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