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Mr. Smith Still Doesn’t Get WAYWARD PINES



Episode 3 “Our Town, Our Law”

It was a matter of time. I keep telling myself, ‘If I read the book first, maybe I’ll enjoy it better.’ It’s not that I’m not enjoying this show, I’m just not buying it. I don’t believe that humans can be captured and forced to live in an idyllic little hamlet without completely losing their minds. Humans require freedom and liberty, and I’m not saying that in a patriotic context, I mean it literally. I’m three episodes in and I have no idea what’s happening. Maybe if I read the book, I’d know a little more about what’s up. None of it makes any sense.

Well, a little makes sense. An agent looking for his partners, his family looking for him; all that is perfectly fine. But this week, it’s gone off the rails.  It was a matter of time.



So what did we learn this week?

It’s Sheriff Pope’s town, apparently, or it was.

Burke’s family takes up residence in dead Bartender lady’s house. We all knew that was coming. It was foreshadowed.

For some reason Agent Burke didn’t get his throat cut for continually attempting to escape.

Seemed like a good plan at the time.
Seemed like a good plan at the time.

Burke learns a great way to bond with his son after cheating is to let him help kill the Sheriff.

Sheriff Pope is now Sheriff Poop. Sheriff Monster Poop.

Rest in pieces, Sheriff Poop -er- Pope
Rest in pieces, Sheriff Poop -er- Pope

I guess it’s Burke’s town now. Not sure how he’s going to like the city council.

I have no idea where this show is going. I’m glad I don’t, it gives me room for well reasoned theories. But this week, I’m so lost, I only have one explanation.

I needn't say more.
I needn’t say more.


Mr. Smith


Curtis Smith

Curtis Smith, a native of Curtistan, is an actor, whip maker, and musician.

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