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Mark Hamill to appear at STAR WARS Celebration VI in Orlando

Actor Mark Hamill poses with C-3PO at a Tribute to Star Wars V during the 18th Adventure Film Festival at Le Grand Rex on April 23, 2010 in Paris, France. Photo Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Mark Hamill is slated to appear as a very special guest at Star Wars Celebration VI, the largest convention on the planet celebrating the pop-culture phenomenon that is “Star Wars,” during the weekend of August 23-26 in Orlando, FL.

A 26-year-old Mark Hamill starred as Luke Skywalker in 1977’s “Star Wars.” Photo credit: Krause, Johansen / LucasFilm.Ltd

It’s been 35 years since Luke Skywalker tucked a princess under his arm and went swinging across a Death Star chasm, but for millions of fans of the original movie Mark Hamill will forever be that bright-eyed kid from Tatooine who left home to inevitably become the most powerful Jedi that has ever been.

In the years since starring in George Lucas’ acclaimed space opera trilogy, self-proclaimed “comic book nerd” Hamill has also carved out an impressive career in the voice-acting industry. His iconic performance as the Joker in 19 episodes of “Batman: The Animated Series,” Batman spin-off movies, video games, and related shows led to his portrayal of a wide variety of enthusiastic super-villain and anti-hero roles in other animated series.

Hamill previously appeared on stage with George Lucas and Carrie Fisher at Celebration V in 2010. “At Celebration, it feels like family,” said Hamill, speaking to at 2012 Comic-Con in July. “There was so much love in the room for all of the characters, for the movies, for the Empire that George has built. I really felt at home.”

Mark Hamill appearing at Comic-Con International 2012 for “Stan Lee’s World Of Heroes.”

“At the last Celebration I spoke before an auditorium full of people and I could just feel the affection and the positive feelings that they were exuding. It was actually moving.” Hamill went on to say, “I remember thinking, ‘I’m not worthy,’ because “Star Wars” is so much bigger than all of us. It’s not something that I’m reminded of every day, so to see that fandom in all its raw glory was overwhelming.”


At Celebration VI, Hamill is expected to discuss his gritty role in “Sushi Girl,” a noir revenge thriller. A far cry from his famously heroic Luke Skywalker role, in this film Hamill plays one of a small gang of murderous crooks intent on discovering the whereabouts of a missing stash of stolen diamonds by whatever means necessary, including torture. “Sushi Girl” is slated for theatrical release in late 2012.

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