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H2O #64: In Which We Preview SCI FI X/Y




Well, for Mr. Harvey anyway. Whilst he whiles away his time in the Big Apple, we decided to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new show that will be coming to SciFi4Me Radio in June. Our guest host this week: Sonya Rodriguez, joining the conversation from Corpus Christi, Texas. And said conversation is about … wait for it… story.

Specifically, UCLA Professor Richard Walter’s contention that there’s really no such thing as genre. There are only good stories and bad stories. So we take a look at this, and the question of whether audience expectations have led to Hollywood opting for reboots and remakes and sequels whether the story’s good or not, because it’s a known quantity (see this Variety article about Tomorrowland‘s box office).



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One thought on “H2O #64: In Which We Preview SCI FI X/Y

  • Love this cast. Recently have been reading a lot from Richard Walter about screenwriting .

    I laughed out loud when I heard his article read and he described the film he watched as punchy and poignant. Richard loves descriptives with the letter P.

    He does identify some clear fundamental elements in storytelling. Genres are like adjectives in storytelling they add the flavor but he core is the core like proper grammar.


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