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Episode 4:15 “Double Date”

The most interesting part of this week’s police case was the type of Wesen that committed the crime. It wasn’t about the crime, or solving the case. Except for working out exactly what type of Wesen they were up against, there wasn’t a lot of mystery.

spoilers_GrimmHeed the icon above. If you haven’t seen the episode, what you read will ruin it for you. This is my last warning. Other than our main characters’ stories this was the big thing in this episode.

I saw a promo that said something about a Wesen wanting to suck your face off. That was misleading. Or you could call it very clever marketing. In either case that’s not what the Wesen wanted to do. In fact I don’t think this Wesen intended to woge in front of their mark at all. It happened in the case that started off the episode, but that wasn’t the plan. It did so, and killed the man to get out of the robbery gone bad. And it didn’t suck the guy’s face off. It slimed him and the slime killed him.

Grimm - Season 4

The Wesen this week is a Huntha Lami Muuaji. That’s a mouth full of a name. It’s a Wesen version of a flatworm. Not a pretty creature by most standards. This one has an unusual attribute. It woges to and from a male and female human form.

I wonder how something so sticky, slimy and deadly doesn’t ruin its clothes. I’m always amazed in real life how a little bit of liquid spilled or a little bit of slime can go a long way. It makes much more mess than the proportionate amount of whatever I spilled. So, how does this Wesen stay tidy?

Grimm - Season 4

This Huntha Lami Muuaji has come up with a con to get money out of lonely business men. The female picks up men at bars and takes them back to an apartment or condo. She slips into the bathroom and then manages to come in through the front door in male form brandishing a gun and threatening the man brought there by the woman. Are you following this so far? It seems like an elaborate way to pick up some spending cash. I suppose there is an adrenaline rush that both genders in this creature get to experience, but the risk is high.

Grimm - Season 4

It just seems like there has to be an easier, less risky way to make a living. Add to that the male, Linus, has a criminal record. So at least half of this duo has been implicated in the past. This is actually what makes this case the most tricky. There isn’t a record of the female, Stacy, at all. In order to make an arrest stick, our Wesen-savvy police team has to arrest the male form and make him stay in that way.

Rosalee comes up with a testosterone mixture that they administer with Nick’s crossbow. This was after they used Monroe to try and snare the duo and before they figured out that the male and female were one and the same individual. This was easier to watch than it is to try and describe in writing.

Grimm - Season 4

I actually felt sad for Linus, unable to woge in the interrogation room. If he can’t access his female part of himself I don’t think he’s going to last long. He looked like that would make him insane. On the other hand, how would he or the staff in the jail handle an individual with both genders? I have no idea.

Our main characters didn’t get their stories furthered much this week. Juliette still avoided Nick. So she crashed Renard’s place to stay. In exchange for lodging she opened the book that Adalind used to mimic Juliette and take Nick’s Grimm powers. Renard needed the book open and only a Hexenbiest can open it.  Adalind confirmed that she is indeed with child. Her first thought was that she needed to have a different father for the baby. Meaning she wants another man to think he is the baby’s father. I suspect that a Grimm/Hexenbiest child would have abilities that would make it pretty clear who the father is.

I don’t know why Grimm‘s visual effects team has so much trouble with blood. I don’t usually remark on special effects. I hoped that it would get better, and it has. In the first season the blood was often pink. Pink doesn’t read as blood on camera. It looks like a popsicle that melted. This week it was the scene of Sean Renard waking up from his night terror with blood on his chest. Except it doesn’t look like blood. It’s sticky in a way that wet, real blood is not. And his chest looks stained. Real blood doesn’t do that either.

Grimm - Season 4

Any thoughts on what the season ending cliffhanger will be? I don’t think that Juliette will be done discovering herself. She could play a big part in a cliffhanger. There are a lot of loose story ends out there, any one or more of which could be brought back. There’s baby Diana. We haven’t seen her in a long time. Truble could return and shake things up again. We only know where one of the keys is. The Royal family seems to have put all their energy into retrieving the baby and forgotten about Nick’s key. What’s your prediction?

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