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DC FanDome 2021 Debuts Trailers for DCEU and More

Fans of the DC Universe were treated to a jam-packed virtual FanDome 2021 event on Saturday October 16th. The live program was streamed through multiple YouTube channels, including both Warner Bros. Pictures and TV channels plus the accounts for HBO Max and DC Comics. Here are some highlights:


We finally got a full length trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman with Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse) donning Bruce Wayne’s famous cape and cowl and Andy Serkis (Lord of the Rings) portraying Wayne’s faithful butler Alfred. The trailer also featured the first look at Zoe Kravitz (X Men: First Class) as Selina Kyle, the infamous antihero, Catwoman along with John Tuttoro as mob boss Carmine Falcone, an unrecognizable Collin Farrell (In Bruges) as The Penguin and Jeffery Wright (Westworld) as Commissioner Gordon. Although not explicitly stated in the trailer, there was a huge hint given that the main villain in the upcoming film will be The Riddler as we see actor Paul Dano’s (There will Be Blood) Edward Nashton being dragged out of a diner by police but not before leaving a question mark drawn in the foam of his cappuccino. The Batman is scheduled to be released exclusively to theaters on March 4, 2022.

Hot off the heels of his portrayal in The Suicide Squad, John Cena returns to the role of the dimwitted but extremely dangerous Peacemaker in a teaser trailer for eponymous upcoming HBO MAX series. The eight episode comedic actioner features returning Suicide Squad cast members Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland with Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) as Peacemaker’s father Augie Smith. Freddie Stroma plays the1983 rendition of comic character Vigilante aka Adrian Chase, officially introducing him into the into the DCEU (he’s previously appeared on Arrow, played by Josh Segarra). The series created by director James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy)  will debut on January 13, 2022 streaming on HBO Max.

In more small screen news, fans of the early years of pre-Batman Alfred Pennyworth were informed that their petitioning did not go to waste as it was announced that Pennyworth would return with a third season as an HBO Max original. The streaming service also debuted the first four minutes of the latest installment of the animated series Young Justice entitled Young Justice: Phantoms, which finds the main characters fighting their inner demons while trying to also protect humanity.

Warner Bros. Television’s Legends of Tomorrow gave a nod to its upcoming 100th episode with a “100 episodes in 100 seconds” highlight reel of the series, while Stargirl, Batwoman, and Superman and Lois provided sneak peeks and behind the scenes footage of their upcoming seasons. Melissa Benoist hosted a heartfelt farewell tribute to Supergirl, which enters its sixth and final season of production. WB TV’s latest production, Naomi, featuring Kaci Wallfall as the energy based meta-teen, furnished a “first look” scene from the upcoming series.

Milestone Comics co-founder Denys Cowan and producer Reggie Hudlin announced that a new animated feature spotlighting the diverse characters of the Dakotaverse is currently in development from Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Written by Brandon Thomas (Hardwear Season One) the film will focus on multiple Milestone heroes. It’ll be interesting to see what style of animation will be used for the new film. Will it have more of a anime driven look or be something cartoony reminiscent of the 2000 animated series Static Shock? Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

After that momentous announcement WB Animation revealed their latest animated feature, Catwoman: Hunted. The PG-13 anime styled adventure returns Selina Kyle, voiced by Elizebeth Gilles (Dynasty 2017), to her cat burgling roots. She’s trying to make off with a priceless emerald, all the while being pursued by International authorities and a newly formed Crime Syndicate led by Barbra Minerva (Kirby Howell-Baptiste The Good Place).

FanDome also released story trailers for video games upcoming titles Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights. You can find out more on those here.

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