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Episode 221: “Operation Fake Date”


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Operation Fake Date

My family has grown to the point of largesse, so we are in the process of moving from a busting-at-the-seams residence to one with more breathing room. Things are busy, ya’ll, so this Beauty & The Beast recap needs to be a quickie. Accordingly, I give you the top 10 worst and 10 best moments of “Operation Fake Date”.


Top 10 worst moments:

1)      Cat killed Gabe. No matter how bad Gabe is now, he used to be not bad, and it was tense to watch his life in danger. I also consider this situation a worst moment, because no matter how many times I watch this show, I still struggle to accept Kristin Kreuk’s hands and feet as deadly weapons.

2)      Vincent walking around with a fake mustache. Pretty sure that costume wouldn’t throw the visually impaired off the trail.

3)      Gabe amped up the cheese factor to “10: Barf-Inducing” when he decided to put hearts on his cake. Did the man have any self-respect left?

4)      Gabe having the huevos to insist on having a date with Cat. Wow, I was really appalled at Gabe’s audacity, and I guess that’s the point.

5)      Vincent’s reference to the “screwing” Swedes. For the most part, this show has kept its displays and references to sex pretty classy. Not this time.

6)      Beth’s repeated verbal assaults on Tess and Heather. They weren’t physical, and I get the need for journalism in our society, but the nosy reporter shtick gets real old real fast.

7)      Heather refusing to go to the police about being kidnapped by Gabe, and Cat in full support of it. A major crime was committed, Gabe is a genuine threat, and you’re all supposed to be upholding the law. Sure, we’ve ignored the legal code plenty, but kidnapping? Heather, you’ve been plenty selfish plenty of times, but this takes the cake…pun intended.

8)      Gabe informing Cat that he’s her safe haven. Gabe, you are so far out in left field, you’re now in right field. Man, I used to root for you.

9)      The “adventurous sex” theme. I like these characters sharing their vulnerabilities, but JT’s recurring comments ooged me out. Apparently, Tess felt similarly, because she rolled her eyes every time I did.

10)   Cat’s speech to Gabe when he’s handcuffed in his bed. She rightly points out the man he used to be wanted to help people, but the speech felt overwrought.


Top 10 best moments:

1)      When JT refers to Gabe as Voldemort, I think I literally guffawed. Which is to say that I actually did, in case you’re wondering if I used the word “literally” literally.

2)      JT pulls the tranq gun on Vincent in a rare show of power over his beastly friend, and the show joins the ranks of movies and TV shows who use guns as a symbol of, uh, manhood.

3)      Cat’s snarky comment to Gabe, “I’m sorry if you heard something that hurt your feelings.” You can almost hear the air quotes around “hurt your feelings.” Well done, Kristin!

4)      In a surprising turn of events, Cat almost kills Gabe, and Vincent saves Gabe. Not only does Vincent demonstrate that at the end of the season, he’s pretty much fully re-established his humanity, but he also got to show off his medical prowess.

5)      I could see that something awful was about to happen, and we’ve already seen plenty of beasts ripping out hearts. Even so, when Gabe pulled out Beth’s heart, it was awful and shocking…in a good way.

6)      Cake decorating as a date, Cat wonders aloud. I was thinking the same thing. And yet, when Gabe said it was between that and bumper cars, it actually seemed kind of charming. You know, if he weren’t a lunatic.

7)      Gabe’s explanation to Cat of the motivation behind all his actions. When he put it all out there, it actually kinda made sense.

8)      Gabe going beastal. We knew it was coming! Finally!

9)      Cat gets her foremother’s diary. What juicy plot lines may come from it?

10)   And, finally, playful affection. Cat and Vincent don’t spend enough time just really enjoying being a couple. Their playfulness at the end of the episode during their last night at the youth hostel was a welcome respite from all their trials and tribulations.

Final episode of season two is on Monday night!  Can’t wait to see it and catch up with you guys after.  Until then, my friends!


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