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Recap: SciFi4Chicks Fears the Hurt Stalker on iZOMBIE

Episode 208 “Hurt Stalker”

[photos: Diyah Pera/The CW]

After a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, the chicks take a stab (pun intended) at the mid-season penultimate episode of iZombie. Clive finds himself at the center of the murder of a wedding planner who was obsessed with him (come on, you saw the picture of him as Drogo… wouldn’t you be?). Ravi has fun being the “Liv” of the crime-fighting duo. Liv tries to help but realizes too late that it’s a stalker brain, which takes her on a turn down a very dark alley for her relationship with Major. And Vaughn and Rita test how many Fitbit walking badges a zombie can get on a treadmill. (Gotta stay in shape!)


Dorin and Heather move out of the cavern to discuss the episode “Hurt Stalker.” Will this brain totally take over Liv? Will it drive a wedge between her and Major? More importantly, will Minor get a doggie jersey? Will George RR Martin even get back to writing?!? And will Liv have a new spin-off show, Zombie is the New Black?

Tune in for the latest installment of SciFi4Chicks and hear Heather and Dorin’s opinions about the plot thickening, stories intertwining, relationships breaking apart and coming together, and, because it’s SciFi4Chicks, about clothing coming off. (this time a #Belfie of Rita and a half Drogo!)

The panel: Heather French, Dorin Schadel.

So many questions, so little time! What did you think of episode two? Join the discussion in the comments or on Twitter! Let us know your favorite part: Liv and Major, Ravi and Liv, Clive and the stalker crime, Rita/GIlda playing Liv and Major, or zombie fitness! Finally, rate the episode on our iZombie Hotness Scale. (Do you like that the Chicks are being tougher with their ratings?)

Dorin and Heather return next week for episode 209 “Cape Town” on iZombie, so make sure to subscribe to SciFi4Chicks!

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