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A Golem of SUPERNATURAL Proportions


Episode 813 “Everybody Hates Hitler”

What if they finally got a break?

I really, really, a million reallys want that to be true. I want everything that happened this week to stick for more than two weeks, and for them to finally get a break.

Spoilers after the eye candy.

sam winchester confronts a golem

Way back in 1944, a secret society of rabbis were fighting the Nazis. What makes this even more unusual and special is that they were mystics, much like the Men of Letters in last week’s episode. The fact that this same thread shows up in two consecutive episodes gives me hope that maybe, just maybe, the writers have found a winning formula that can carry them through the rest of this season, and well into the next.

“Everyone Hates Hitler” was written by Eric Kripke and Ben Edlund, and it absolutely shows. This was brilliant from start to finish, especially the comedic timing, and the cinematography and editing was absolutely top notch as well. This was everything Supernatural should be, and should have been all along.

The last surviving descendants (that we know of) to the Men of Letters are the Winchester boys. The last surviving descendant of this group of saboteur rabbis is Aaron Bass, the unwitting inheritor of the group’s legacy—an actual living breathing immortal golem made from clay. Aaron and the golem are both extremely likable characters, and I very much hope that we have not seen the last of them.

the golem

What am I saying? This is the Supernatural universe. There’s no way they won’t be back, probably at a key moment, to smash someone’s head into a bookcase.

Immortal undead Nazis aside, this story introduced and bolstered some important elements in the overall arc and universe:

  • The Men of Letters is not a one-off idea. They’ve not only returned to it, they gave Sam and Dean a safe base of operations with all the creature comforts (including internet, which I can’t figure out how they’re getting, but I’m giving the show a pass on that point because the rest of it is so perfect).
  • Another secret society, this one of rabbis who have a powerful command of ancient magics, including how to create a living golem who can withstand pretty much any attack.
  • The rabbi group was aware of the Men of Letters group, and likely worked together. In fact, the unicursal hexigram that is the main symbol of the Men of Letters is a variation on the Star of David used by western occult groups such as Thelema.
  • Sam is a true Man of Letters, having been to college and being the more studious of the brothers. Dean has, due to his time in purgatory (and his entire life in general) become the ultimate hunter. If done correctly, this could be the perfect Supernatural team. Their “Batcave” could lead to a revival of one or both of these secret societies, or a new one entirely could come from these beginnings.

winchesters with guns

That last item was my biggest takeaway from this episode. Even the Winchesters said, “wouldn’t it be nice if we caught a break?” It’s beyond time for them to have somewhere safe and not full of suck and dirt and spiderwebs and horrible cheap motel rooms to have some kind of a real life. They have done so much for so many, doing what’s right just for the sake of doing what’s right for the world, that they more than deserve this.

Please, Mr. Kripke, let them (and us) get this break so that they can both explore their ultimate potential in their own ways. Maybe even with the help of a few other key people such as Aaron and Garth and Castiel, and others we haven’t even seen yet. I love where this could be going.


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